by Iskender • Uploaded: Oct. 12 '08
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Description: WoodenHouse is a brand making wooden cottages for apartment gardens.

As seen on: www.behance.net/iskender

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fivesevensix said on Oct. 12 '08

Wow I like this one alot. Nice work

hindmarshdesign said on Oct. 12 '08

AHHH! wow. This is great.

sebastiany said on Oct. 12 '08


Hayes Image said on Oct. 12 '08

good stuff :)

ndmgfx said on Oct. 12 '08

smart and nice

firebrand said on Oct. 13 '08

Sweet house!

mdlogo85 said on Oct. 13 '08

Wonderful logo... good idea!!!

sdijock said on Oct. 13 '08

Very clever. Faved.

Iskender said on Oct. 13 '08

Thank you guys for your comments, I'm happy to know that you like it :)

Muamer said on Oct. 13 '08

smart & simple :)

nataliav said on Oct. 13 '08

clever, cute and simple :)

tao said on Jul. 07 '09

Great :)

Petro said on Jul. 07 '09

Sweet house! Great logo :-)

matto said on Jul. 07 '09

clever one, I tried to do something like that not a long time ago, but it was not a successful try....shame on me..lol :-D well done ;-)

alterego said on Jul. 07 '09

perfect one :)

koodoz said on Jul. 07 '09

This is great!

mabu said on Jul. 08 '09

Kudos mate!

harvey said on Jul. 08 '09

brilliant idea! like it

ranganath said on Jul. 09 '09

Great work....i liked it.

james said on Jul. 11 '09

nice work. What type is it?

razen said on Jul. 19 '09

Hey i like this so much. very good idea.

kiritpatel said on Jul. 22 '09

nice idea...

bocoloco said on Jul. 29 '09

great one.

wiking said on Jul. 29 '09

Well done

leiliu_net said on Jan. 22 '10

nice idea...

dilog said on Feb. 07 '10

Amazing! I like it very much. Immediately simple

mcdseven said on Feb. 07 '10

seen this in 'really good logos explained' was amazed by it then and am still amazed by it. Top notch stuff.

santanajames said on Mar. 06 '10

Great concept. An inspration

iskender said on Aug. 05 '10

Thanks guys! ;)

PS: James its type was modified from "identikals"

Chad Sanderson said on Aug. 05 '10

Saw this in a logo design book somewhere. Nice way to go about an overused concept.

davishama said on Aug. 07 '10

Cool! :)

ru_ferret said on Jul. 16 '13

Simple. Perfect.

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