East Valley Construction Inc.

by bartodell • Uploaded: Jul. 08 '08
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Description: By far one of the best letter combos I have done, I think. For a modern construction company, startup. Third color combo.

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hellouriah said on Jul. 08 '08

I think thats the best color combo. Nice job on this bart, what did the client think?

liquor said on Jul. 08 '08

awesome mark

cobaltcow said on Jul. 09 '08

yep - the darker background definately brings it out.


gmax said on Jul. 09 '08

Love it... great stuff!

Respiro said on Jul. 09 '08

Clever. How does it work on white background?...

dkone said on Jul. 09 '08

great! ... very

OcularInk said on Jul. 09 '08

Lovin' the darker background. It looks like you made the 3D effect a little more prominent in this one as well.

curlhatt said on Jul. 09 '08

Very, very nice!

kaimere said on Jul. 09 '08

very cool

gordie_delini said on Jul. 09 '08

The simplification of the 3D elements makes them stand out much more and are much more legible. This color combo works much better than the first version you posted. I like this one a lot, Bart

firebrand said on Jul. 09 '08

Excellent four way letter combo, bartmeister.

MAN-DESIGN.net said on Jul. 10 '08

genial -_- respect

omixam said on Jul. 13 '08

love the negative space and colour scheme

huyendesigner said on Jul. 13 '08

yep, 3D logo is very familiar but in ur design it really exciting ! good job !

kunt said on Jul. 16 '08

inspiring ;)

silverhalide said on Jul. 18 '08

Great logo. One of my favorites on this entire site. What font did you use if you don't mind me asking?

peterotoole said on Jul. 22 '08

Great work! I love the combination of the letters into a beautiful 'building' graphic.

willuper said on Jul. 25 '08

a perfect solution . . . i love it

nicksaemenes said on Apr. 28 '09

nicely done.

rob-rob-rob said on Sep. 18 '09

good conception!

JoePrince said on Oct. 08 '10

Missed this one Bart...real nice.

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