by kinetic • Uploaded: Mar. 09 '08
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Description: Sparrow not only provides financial and emotional support for critically ill children and their families, but also empowers young people to help a child through charitable service experiences.

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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kinetic said on Mar. 09 '08

Some suggested that I use one sparrow to make it more elegant. What do you think?

ducly said on Mar. 09 '08

Someone made the suggestion that one bird is good enough. I agree.

kinetic said on Mar. 09 '08

Thanks for the feedback guys.

LOGOMOTIVE said on Mar. 09 '08

It caught my eye but I feel the overlays and geometric shapes don't quite work with the solidness of the rest,The top half looks great but the rest leaves the bird incomplete, half abstract,half solid?

kinetic said on Mar. 09 '08

Thanks Logomotive. I purposely transitioned to an abstract to add movement, interest and uniqueness. It's not unheard of in branding. The New England Patriots logo does this same thing.

nido said on Mar. 09 '08

personally i like the blend... have you tried placing the bird at the end of the word sparrow?.. just to see how it would look?

d.signs.by.jake said on Mar. 09 '08

@nido: i'm thinking of the same thing.

SpiffyJ said on Mar. 10 '08

I agree with dsigns and nido, placement of the bird could be better and the end or beginning.

Thomas said on Mar. 11 '08

Excellent logo. Tough, I relay 3 previous comments about layout. Would really like to see the bird on the right (or mirrored on the left). About type, what about creating some swashes/ligatures with ascenders/descenders (mainly R's oblique, W and S)? Just a humble suggestion...

jordoman said on Mar. 11 '08

Truly a beautiful thing. Great work.

hamidos said on Mar. 11 '08

amazing art this sparrow is vector i like it
good work

onesummer said on Mar. 19 '08

@kinetic, I like the logo, but what is your deal? You're constantly anchoring designs with no supporting comments or reasoning.

angelmunkie said on Mar. 21 '08

Yeah, I would also like to know the answer to onesummers question!

fructosevtl said on Mar. 27 '08

beautiful. i always find myself looking at this logo again and again. nicely executed. :D

fructosevtl said on Mar. 27 '08

i have questions for you. do you know where i can get free tutorial for illustrator online? how do you make the shape so smooth? i tried to make my pen tool design smoother lines but i don't know the function of illustrator too well.

McGuire Design said on May. 27 '08

yes the one sparrow is a better solution, this is nicely illustrated.

hindmarshdesign said on Aug. 27 '08

but sparrows are brown...

hipcheck said on Nov. 17 '08

to me, the sparrow looks better a bit to the right (2/3 of the way).

Tømme said on Apr. 26 '09

nicely constructed sparrow

designabot said on Jul. 30 '09


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