by brandberry • Uploaded: Feb. 18 '08
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Description: Rentzilla.ru is the site with great base of realty.

As seen on: http://brand-berry.ru/

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: rentrealty

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Lawrence Anderson said on Feb. 18 '08

I am not a fan of the font, but the mark is cool.

bujang_keparat said on Feb. 18 '08

Whoa... that's rare dude... it's remind's me of SuSE logo, but still your Dino rocks!

onesummer said on Feb. 19 '08

nice integration of the cityscape and the dinosaur's back spikes.

Muamer said on Feb. 19 '08

Nice one !

firebrand said on Feb. 19 '08

I like the concept.

joshuwack said on Feb. 19 '08

i freaking love the concept on your mark. the city scape/fins is really awesome.

brandberry said on Feb. 19 '08

thanx all!

Respiro said on Feb. 20 '08

Unique! Not sure about type and symbol-type placement... The dino rocks! :)

OcularInk said on Feb. 20 '08

I like it just the way it is. Type and all. Very cool work.

michiel said on Feb. 20 '08

Great work brandberry! I think your choice of type fits well in here. Wouldn't change a thing.

Checked out your other work and must say you have some mayor diversity in quality, are you really one and the same person?! ;-)

gypseemoth said on Feb. 20 '08

fantastic. Even though is not literally supposed to be a stegosaurus, I wonder what it'd look like with less junk in the trunk...
good concept

raja said on Feb. 20 '08

agreeing with the others, love the concept

rambal said on Feb. 20 '08

nice concept..

brandberry said on Feb. 20 '08

Thanks for comments guys, im glad to see this feedbacks.
2 michiel: yes, its me, im one person :)

boycanfly said on Feb. 21 '08

This is one the most original marks I have seen in a long time. I don't care who you are, if that was on a billboard you would stop to look.

So cool.

peterehat said on Feb. 22 '08

Awesome work! The mark is great. I agree with a few people that the type needs a bit of tweaking, or color.

Brandsimplicity said on Feb. 22 '08

Great concept.

hindmarshdesign said on Aug. 14 '08

VERY cool illy. I almost missed the skyscape.

thesergie said on Aug. 30 '08

i don't know what these people are talking about but i love the type. logo is very creative as are all your others.

mister jones said on Aug. 31 '08

great concept, great execution. I have no issue with the composition and typeface, this works really well in my opinion. Memorable design.

terry bogard said on May. 25 '09

it is eye cathing indeed and a good concept too.

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