See Evil

by downwithdesign • Uploaded: Dec. 30 '07

Description: X-treme sports brand.

As seen on: Down With Design

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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OcularInk said on Dec. 30 '07

Nicely illustrated. I think I get the concept, but would love to know your thoughts on it.

itsgareth said on Dec. 30 '07

Hey oc, thanks for the interest. See Evil (as the client puts it) is a new x-treme sports fashion label aimed at 16-30 year olds. The name represents the inner demon in the athlete that is released upon an adrenaline rush and also focusing upon your goals and abilities. I decided to play on the old three wise monkeys expression yet in this case it translates as, hear no evil, speak no evil, see evil. I know, I don't make any sense but its 4am here! If anyone wants a t-shirt give me an email ;)

OcularInk said on Dec. 31 '07

Lawrence Anderson said on Dec. 31 '07

contact@designedbyanderson.com :D

Yea, after reading your explanation I get it, but I had no idea what is meant before. However, this logo has that funky/extreme feel even without knowing the ideas behind it.

admarcbart said on Dec. 31 '07

Why not... bart[at]bartodell.com

OcularInk said on Dec. 31 '07

size small. i'm little. :-P

lechrous said on Dec. 31 '07

this is a nice concept

tshirt >> rmughal@gmail.com

Lawrence Anderson said on Jan. 01 '08

Haha, poor gareth is going to be overwhelmed with t-shirt requests.

itsgareth said on Jan. 01 '08

woah, I didn't expect this kind of response, I've only got one to give away and seen as Kevin got in first he can have it ;)

Lawrence Anderson said on Jan. 01 '08

nooooooooo, lol.

logopogo said on Jan. 14 '08

The last face appears to be beaten-up, with missing teeth and a black eye.

I don't know how a that communicates "Extreme Sports", but I do like the style! Keep working on it, and you'll get closer!

itsgareth said on Jan. 15 '08

read my first post logopogo ;)

OcularInk said on Jan. 15 '08

Beaten-up, with missing teeth and a black eye communicates 'Extreme Sports' perfectly. I should know. Let me begin...3rd degree concussion, broken toe, sprained ankle, broken leg, 7 staples to the head, and enough bruises and cuts to coat my entire body. Surprisingly, I'm still in one piece. :-P P.S. I'm a skateboarder, snowboarder, and wakeboarder.

itsgareth said on Jan. 15 '08

He's not really, he just gets picked on a lot ;)

Hayes Image said on Jan. 15 '08

Yeah logopogo, you can't be involved in 'extreme' sports (or any kind of 'hard' sports really) without receiving some kind of injury ...& if you do, you're not trying hard enough :P

My worst injury; playing (Australian) football, busted hip when I was 15, it has since been corrected but my left leg became 1.5-2 inches shorter than the right, good times, good times...

Love the logo Gareth.

OcularInk said on Jan. 15 '08

You must have a killer walk, Hayes. Gets all the ladies, huh? LOL!! J/K

Hayes Image said on Jan. 15 '08

lol :P Yeah used to get my Quasimodo on!! All good now mate, got fixed up about 3 years ago :)

OcularInk said on Jan. 28 '08

@ Hayes: Good to hear. :-)

@ Gareth: I got my shirt. It rocks, dude. Thanks so much!!

itsgareth said on Feb. 01 '08

no worries man, glad you like it...

drewboy said on Feb. 01 '08

The two most extreme things I have seen are Australian rules football & shinty, which is an Irish & Scottish "game" like a cross between football, rugby & hockey. You can hit folk with the sticks as well. No protection. Hardcore [ _ ]

drewboy said on Feb. 01 '08

& your logo sums up shinty nicely Gareth! I like it, especially the grim on the last monkey.

asterion said on Apr. 30 '08

Love the concept. The repetition brings a dynamic feel to the design. Great illustration, easily recognizable logo. Great job!

itsgareth said on Apr. 30 '08

cheers ;)

NeilMcDonald said on Sep. 01 '08

This is defo extreme. And a monkey too, my nickname! Love it! Drewboy I used to play Shinty at School and had quite a few scrapes, my chest used to stay bruised for weeks from stopping a ball as hard as a rock that had just been hit about 100 yards. Remember a couple of guys getting knocked out... Although I don't remember much anymore... :|

As for Skating a guy I skated with lost a testie, no jokes. Did a kickflip about 10 foot of the ground from a roof and fudged it up, the deck landed square on his nads. His mum held it in till he got to the hospital. But it was a goner :o

grabbdesigns said on Dec. 17 '08

I love the illustration of this! it reminds me of the style from the gorillaz.... fab!

4ever said on Apr. 08 '09

very good stuff here


mcguire design said on Jun. 04 '10

Nice mark.

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