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Description: Logo Premium Design

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nido said on Apr. 30 '07


gcm said on Aug. 28 '07

how does it looks in a smaller size?

raul2hot said on Jan. 02 '08

is the black bg part of logo??
this logo is only good for web.......sorry mate!

lisa156 said on Jan. 05 '08

i like it so much

Sqwink.com said on Jan. 08 '08

It's not really a logo that can be shrunk down to a cm square. Wonder if there's a septerate version for business card usage, etc? There should be if this identity is to work...

OcularInk said on Jan. 16 '08

Nice job!

@ raul2hot : I disagree with you. Certainly this logo works for Print.

@ Sqwink.com : I could see this working on a business card. The logo can stand on it's own on one side, with the contact info on the flip side. I do agree that there could be some scalability issues when used at smaller sizes. However, it's all up to the designer to find the solution that works. And this works in my opinion.

shahookies said on Jan. 29 '08

I love it

moverdrive said on Jan. 29 '08

Really stands out. I think it could be manipulated to work well on business cards, signage, etc.

wilsonink said on Jan. 29 '08

one of the best ideas i've seen in a while! :)

ahab said on Jan. 30 '08


id29 said on Jan. 30 '08

Trajan is so overused today. I'd like to see this set in another face.

grubedoo said on Feb. 01 '08

@id29: Just because a great typeface is overused doesn't make it any less of a typeface -- helvetica anyone?
Trajan works perfectly for this logo.

nsu said on Feb. 02 '08

i like the ideia, and the visual effect, but i doubt that this has good reading in smaller sizes

bettina said on Mar. 20 '08

This would have to be my favorite logo so far. VERY clever and unique.

cerise said on Nov. 09 '08

original and elegant at the same time...well done

hindmarshdesign said on Nov. 09 '08

I love this if that white line wasn't underneath it.... its awesome though.

cerise said on Nov. 09 '08

Yeh the white line could go

Michigan Web said on Dec. 27 '09

Awesome! Love it!

logopunk said on May. 09 '10

i agree with comments about the line, think that goes and it's a nice design - different!

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