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Description: eALCHEMY creates custom automated software systems for turning data into meaningful reports and analysis. They help businesses get the most out of sales data, social media data, web traffic data, and many other sources of large sets of data. The result is effective and powerful data analysis tools that are customized for each business.

This concept shows bits of data coming together and being transformed into a bar graph. The bar graph is in the form of an E and also suggests lines of computer code, spreadsheet entries and stacks of money. The text is custom from scratch.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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lumavine said on Apr. 25 '13

Thanks for the floats! This design is approved, yay!

effendy said on Apr. 25 '13

You know i liked this work a lot.

lumavine said on Apr. 27 '13

Thanks so much friend! I really appreciate your support! I am really looking forward to seeing this go live on the new site.

Hayes Image said on Apr. 28 '13

Nicely done Luma!!

Husac said on Apr. 29 '13

Good one!

JohnDervishi said on Apr. 29 '13

Good job Luma!

lumavine said on Apr. 30 '13

Thanks, thanks, thanks! It is great to have the client AND great designers agree that they love this logo!

lumavine said on May. 01 '13

Awesome new site is up! http://www.ealchemylabs.com

chrisworks said on May. 03 '13

Clean and readable, solid work.

lumavine said on May. 17 '13

Thanks so much Chris! That's exactly what we were trying to achieve.

lumavine said on Mar. 06 '15

Maybe just a coincidence, but this just popped up: https://assembly.com/
I wonder if they were checking out my portfolio ;)

samdemastrie said on Mar. 06 '15

^ Focus Lab did that rebrand. There's some similarities, but there's no way they would copy you. Both strong solutions.

lumavine said on Mar. 07 '15

Thanks Sam! For certain I would be filing a cease and desist if I suspected copying instead of a comment with a winking smiley. I'm glad to see my work is on par with these big agencies!

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