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Description: Logotype for intertrade company.
Version 2

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: tiger

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rudy hurtado said on Jul. 16 '12

I like the more aggressive version of the eyes and the mouth semi-open. great work.

designer said on Jul. 16 '12

Thankyou Rudy

LadyGrey said on Jul. 16 '12

Orange form is more big interesting)

morecolor said on Jul. 17 '12

Wow its strong!

designer said on Jul. 17 '12

Thanx! )

itsgareth said on Jul. 17 '12

Always a suckers for lions. Love it

logomotive said on Jul. 17 '12

^ You mean tigers?

tabithakristen said on Jul. 17 '12

Liger? =P

ColinTierney said on Jul. 17 '12


Rokac said on Jul. 17 '12

@tabitha Napoleon?

itsgareth said on Jul. 17 '12

Just stating I like lions is all ;)

designer said on Jul. 17 '12

Lion or tiger - no difference ) cat is cat

tabithakristen said on Jul. 17 '12

No difference? haha. Silly. =P

itsgareth said on Jul. 17 '12

^ I had a feline someone would say that :)

vanengine said on Jul. 20 '12

I love this! The woodcut look is great. I wonder if a more grotesk sans serif font may look more 'old world market' than modern humanist Frutiger/Myriad. This is really great!

pjmaster said on Jul. 23 '12

Top quality!

rbhogal said on Aug. 20 '12

awesome illustration

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