by nido • Uploaded: Sep. 11 '07
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Description: for a mobile phones & accessories wholesaler.

As seen on: talkmore

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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rfrusso said on Sep. 11 '07

Yes! Eye-catching. This is very well done.

raja said on Sep. 11 '07

darren wins...

amyblandford said on Sep. 11 '07

I like it too- great idea.

archangel said on Sep. 11 '07

This caught my eye -- and imagination! :)

logomotive said on Sep. 11 '07

Deja Vu, I could have sworn I've seen this one before :-) Great idea buddy.

logoholik said on Sep. 12 '07

me likes

7th!nk said on Sep. 13 '07

really really good~

LCA Creative said on Sep. 16 '07

Really great concept. I instantly was drawn to it.

billypalooza said on Sep. 16 '07

haha, nice! very clever.

gcm said on Sep. 16 '07


tdf said on Sep. 16 '07

I like it, but if the first quote sits on the baseline then I think the top of the second should line up with the x-height...looks off.

tishbite said on Sep. 16 '07

goood :)

moverdrive said on Sep. 16 '07

Stellar. Love the colors.

shorecreative said on Sep. 17 '07

superb. the type really matches the marks. well done!

akkasone said on Sep. 17 '07

nice, i like it!

Respiro said on Sep. 17 '07

simplicity plus inspiration = awesome work . Outstanding!

supermandru said on Sep. 17 '07

^^second Respiro's comments...

Yglo said on Sep. 17 '07


mktfresh said on Sep. 17 '07

this is great

OcularInk said on Sep. 17 '07

One of my favorites!

nido said on Sep. 17 '07

thanks guys :)...

@climaxdesigns.. thanks for the tip bud

firebrand said on Sep. 17 '07

Presses all the right buttons mate.

Šhošhon said on Sep. 18 '07

I don't like it at all

admarcbart said on Sep. 18 '07


mcdseven said on Sep. 18 '07

@shoshon & clashmore
you can't please everyone all the time, then again, some people just have a piss pot attitude about everything, and some just feel a need to be the negative nancy in a group. i'm not saying anything, i'm just saying! :)

In fairness I think they are entitled to their opinion...I would like Shoshon to expand on why he doesnt like it...give valid points.
Personally think that there isn't enough honest 'negative nancys' on this site to give fair and accurate critques of logos...but thats just my opinion and in the greater scheme of things it probaly aint worth di*k. Peace

mcdseven said on Sep. 18 '07

clashmore said:
Did you see what I wrote, mcdseven

Clashmore excluded from my previous comment...
sorry dude thats why I only referred to Shoshon, no offence intended.

sandhya said on Sep. 18 '07

smart one!

Šhošhon said on Sep. 19 '07

I think, it's just average logo, I see nothing smart or clever. I mean it%u2019s really professional, but it is nothing magnificent.

Šhošhon said on Sep. 19 '07

sorry for that typing error

dado said on Sep. 19 '07

This is a creative and polemic logo! :D %u201Ctalkmore%u201D people! jejeje!

Šhošhon said on Sep. 19 '07

Anybody can see my skill although there is no link in this discussion. I don't say I can work better.

Also I think, this is place where people discuss this work, not mine.

dado said on Sep. 19 '07

paz hermanos!

makote said on Sep. 19 '07

great concept loving <3

nido said on Sep. 19 '07

thank you everyone.. hey its cool to like it or not

nido said on Sep. 20 '07

does anyone know what 'paz hermanos' means?... please :)

dado said on Sep. 21 '07

jejejeje, no, that mean peace! :p

nido said on Sep. 21 '07

jaja.. cool.. peace!

raja said on Sep. 22 '07


This is one of those 'I wish I came up with this' ones.


firebrand said on Sep. 22 '07

This ones on fire nido. I thought speech marks were 6 and 9 shaped?

nido said on Sep. 22 '07

you no talkmore please

firebrand said on Sep. 22 '07

I'll go quietly...

Hamburg said on Sep. 23 '07

Love the idea! Very clever!

grubedoo said on Sep. 25 '07

I hate this logo because it makes me so jealous!

OcularInk said on Sep. 25 '07

Average? Nothing smart or clever about it? This is one of the best logos on this site. Genius!

logomotive said on Sep. 25 '07

ya but unfortunately it's just nido's it's ok.

nido said on Oct. 01 '07

just workin up to that shoot out 'one bullet'.. just workin it up

chazthetic said on Oct. 09 '07

I love this logo.
I love typographic concepts such as this one.

lonergan said on Oct. 18 '07

nice the concept is a tad cliche but it remains a cool logo

Flite said on Jan. 11 '08

That's one hell of a logo.

onesummer said on Jan. 11 '08

yep, killer logo, nido. and the praise is still going... ;)

andrendhiq said on Mar. 25 '08

Cool type treatment Nido!!

nido said on May. 09 '08

thanks guys! :)

kellyoneill said on May. 22 '08

LOVE it - how creative. :)

Šhošhon said on Jun. 22 '08

ok, I'm sorry, I was just bored of all that superlatives. Of course it's really good.

nido said on Jun. 26 '08

no need to apologise %u0160ho%u0161hon... just send me money:D

Muamer said on Jun. 26 '08

Hey nido, now this logo is 100 times Favorited ! ! ! :) Talk more, work more :D

BigAl67 said on Jul. 29 '08

This is a great piece of design. How do I know? I wish I'd thought of it. Bueno, bellissimo.

leo said on Sep. 08 '08

This is the style i love!

rob-rob-rob said on Sep. 21 '08

genius idea

logomotive said on Sep. 21 '08

Bordering on genius....

nido said on Sep. 22 '08

Thanks muamer, big al, leo, rob

@mike... either that or madness!

mikeyn said on Nov. 17 '08

great logo !

nido said on Nov. 17 '08

thank you cats!

jluisfer said on Jan. 09 '09

Great one. Congrats

solidcreative said on Jan. 18 '09

works nicely

nido said on Jan. 19 '09

thanks jluisfer & solid...

Tats Me! said on Jan. 19 '09


ilrapa said on Jan. 27 '09

perfect. no more to say.

bobifox said on Jan. 27 '09

I really like it, it's really representative.

haz said on Feb. 05 '09

Very nice

frankp said on Feb. 20 '09

Brilliant - saw this featured on a few blog posts recently and it really stood out. Simple & effective - the best logos always are :)

nido said on Apr. 06 '09

thanks everyone... :D

nido said on May. 13 '09

thanks jensi...

sanjin said on May. 14 '09

Did someone say average? Gee, I wish to see their book of reference.
Generally, honest criticism is great, but it takes more than some sloppy, generic explication to back it up.

GREAT WORK! Simple, clean, effective. I wish I had that much talent.

nido said on May. 15 '09

"I wish I had that much talent."...

thanks!... me too!...

2ccreative said on Jul. 07 '09

WONDERFUL! . . . you're my hero!!!

wasadealio said on Jul. 31 '09

Marvelous concept, great execution.

nido said on Aug. 21 '09

Thank you... I am also available for bar mitzvahs & Visakah Puja...

Inventiva Design said on Oct. 02 '09

Simple and perfect..
the mane logos in your portfolio a realy like....
hugs []s

gizm0 said on Oct. 07 '09

very cool logo

Michigan Web said on Dec. 27 '09

eye catching... very cool!

nido said on Jan. 22 '10


JoePrince said on Feb. 13 '10

Come on 200!

kathariney said on Feb. 13 '10

There you go!

Gafyn said on Feb. 14 '10

Can't believe I never floated before! One of my all-time Logopond faves!

birofunk said on Feb. 14 '10

managed to miss a float two, definitley one of the best on the pond!

mcdseven said on Feb. 14 '10

did this bad boy ever make it into any books? it should, a classic.

birofunk said on Feb. 14 '10

it's in David Airey's Logo Design Love book

mcdseven said on Feb. 14 '10

meaning to get that... might take a trip up to Hodges and Figgs... I've heard good things about it, all true I take it?

nido said on Feb. 14 '10

well im just gona go to the bookstore & tear out the pages I like...

logomotive said on Feb. 14 '10

^ thanks I needed that. LOL

logomotive said on Feb. 14 '10

always good for a good laugh, an not too shabby at logos either ;P

khutaza said on Mar. 08 '10

Very clever...

nido said on Mar. 28 '10

thanks... this is the bane of my logo designing career... :)

Chad Sanderson said on Mar. 28 '10

^ Being famous must totally suck. XD

nido said on Mar. 28 '10

^I know right!... even just stepping out for milk dude...

Sarito:. said on Apr. 04 '10

very smart!
Love it:.. :)

HomeDesignBusiness said on Apr. 10 '10

Great concept and executed very well, one of my fav logos ever! I'm glad the solution was kept simple.

chrislyle design said on Apr. 11 '10

i love this!

nido said on Apr. 12 '10

thank you... my elbow is itchy...

mightybeaver said on Apr. 29 '10

This logo is like a legend, great concept ;)

logopunk said on May. 07 '10

I think it is a legend, a common concept, but when it produces logos like this I say why not?

brandmango said on May. 13 '10

I have seen the logo in almost every showcase sites... Wow...wow...gr8 work...

lumo said on Jun. 08 '10


viticor said on Aug. 17 '10

funny logo, excellent concept

johnmonte said on Aug. 24 '10


priscillabahobelat said on Aug. 25 '10

You really has the skills to make an artistic logo.

markbrand said on Sep. 01 '10

viticor 1

logomotive said on Sep. 13 '10

^We need a Logopond TERMINATOR. or Terminators..

nido said on Sep. 21 '10

guys... some of my newer work can really do with spamming!... most designers have seen this old stuff already!!!

raja said on Sep. 21 '10

Delicious workathons.... I like your! inward scissor-hands

"Beaver pelted Viagra degree":http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/116383

megashred13 said on Sep. 21 '10

^ hahahaha :)

acai berry detox said on Oct. 13 '10

Nice logo!

jure said on Oct. 19 '10

fantastic, love it

nido said on Nov. 12 '10

ok ok... but what car?

Pierro said on Nov. 12 '10

David must be thinking to do for this spams, LP needs more security.

AlexWende said on Nov. 25 '10

Nido, I'm so jealous of you because you get all the attention ;)

nido said on Feb. 08 '11

Thanks :).. you can see this on my new website


richardbaird said on Feb. 25 '11

Would you say this is a little over inspired by your work? http://logofury.com/logo/extra-magazin.html

nido said on Feb. 25 '11

^I would say so yes... thanks for the heads up... but short of emailing him and giving him a piece of my mind the truth may be that I cannot claim ownership of the "quotation marks" being used as 'a' & 'e's... I wish I could, but it'd be like claiming rights over the "exclamation mark" being used as an upside down 'i'...

But it is still overly inspired... and that is where my argument starts and unfortunately ends.

raja said on Feb. 25 '11

they say sunlight is the best disinfectant

nido said on Feb. 25 '11

^rains here all year long... :(

raja said on Feb. 25 '11

is that why so many people from England are named Sunny..

that or Nigel

nido said on Feb. 25 '11

Gareth... or Roy.

nido said on May. 13 '11

^that's a comma mistake made by many... o_O

Micheals said on May. 21 '11

Creative design.

nido said on May. 29 '11

There should be a "most spammed" list at the bottom of the logopond page with all the rest of the stuff... just saying... :)

kpeter said on Jun. 14 '11

Interesting. And inspiring for my daily work.

aneeshsyamala said on Jun. 17 '11

If you made that icon only for letter 'e' that will be good and simple!

breastcancer said on Jun. 23 '11

awesome design. tone of blue is excellent. and "ae" is used very creative. Really respect!

Ivaylo Nedkov said on Nov. 25 '11

Love this one:)

Jackless said on Feb. 09 '12

Wonderful :o) love the colors too thats like my favourite one!

cetidesign said on Feb. 20 '12

awesome! awesome one!

nido said on Feb. 19 '13

Hey, thanks all..

logomotive said on Aug. 03 '14

Is this the most viewed logo on LP?

logomotive said on Aug. 03 '14

Or just talked about?

nido said on Aug. 04 '14

Both ;)

lol.. I wouldn't know to be honest... how are you Mike?

firebrand said on Aug. 04 '14

You no talkmore please

nido said on Aug. 04 '14

I'll go quietly...

LOGOMOTIVE said on Aug. 04 '14

Ok Roy me love you long time.

firebrand said on Aug. 05 '14

Why thank you son. Pops.

rudy hurtado said on Aug. 05 '14

Wow!, impressive Nido and also 308 floats, I'm really happy for you, good day folks!

Hayes Image said on Aug. 05 '14

Do I have to carry you old boys back to the nursing home? ;)

firebrand said on Aug. 05 '14

Yeah, I'll need a bed bath too.

Hayes Image said on Aug. 05 '14

Just sign over your will & power of attorney, then follow me... ;)

firebrand said on Aug. 05 '14

Who ARE you?

nido said on Aug. 05 '14


chanpion said on Aug. 06 '14

Ahhh...the good ol days.

Turn up your hearing aid nav. Now come clean my dentures Joshy boy.

nido said on Aug. 06 '14

^Beginning to feel like 'Last Vegas' over here...

nido said on Aug. 06 '14

...or smell like it anyway.

firebrand said on Aug. 06 '14

Last of the Summer Wine you mean.

nido said on Aug. 06 '14

^Ha!... yeah, my memories not what it used to be.

logomotive said on May. 11 '15

wow 319 Votes? Top DOG!!

nido said on May. 13 '15

I could have more, but I was like, "nah."

True story.

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