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by vld • Uploaded: Nov. 30 '11
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Description: ... offers best-selling children books via a mobile phone/tablet.

Status: Unused proposal

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notjelly said on Nov. 30 '11

Poor dragon, he just wants to be in a story. Playful and heart warming. Love it!

ColinTierney said on Nov. 30 '11

nicely done.

yhanktou said on Nov. 30 '11

haha cool name

ru_ferret said on Nov. 30 '11

Oh really touching!

mr.purple said on Nov. 30 '11

Wow, like it a lot!

Sean Heisler said on Nov. 30 '11

Very cool, love it!

kugelis said on Nov. 30 '11

yes :)

dezinart said on Nov. 30 '11

I'm a huge fan of dragons. Nice work.

vld said on Nov. 30 '11

Thanks for the kind words everybody. And thanks for the gallery spot!

Mikeymike said on Nov. 30 '11

N I C E !

hertzpectiv said on Nov. 30 '11

diggin this.

garychew1984 said on Nov. 30 '11

nice dragon!

Ivaylo Nedkov said on Dec. 01 '11

this is fun:)

palattecorner said on Dec. 01 '11


vld said on Dec. 01 '11

Don't laugh at depressed dragon! :)

I-am-tiago said on Dec. 01 '11

Love this :P

Mad Skimo said on Dec. 01 '11

love the character!

Agencija said on Dec. 02 '11

Oh Vlada it also your comback. Nice

dotflo said on Dec. 02 '11

great idea!

vld said on Dec. 02 '11

Thanks guys, much appreciated!
@Agencija: Yes Pavel, big comeback with unused proposal :)

pjmaster said on Dec. 03 '11

So sad. He will forget to breath fire :)

victor_bartis said on Dec. 05 '11

very good fit for the description ! very nice atitude!

jencreatesthings said on Dec. 06 '11

Funny that this is gallerized and the client didn't use it. It's really gorgeous!

vld said on Dec. 07 '11

Thank you Jovan, Victor, Jenni...

ColorfulTones said on Dec. 10 '11

Put me in coach. Put me IN.
Fun design.

designabot said on Sep. 16 '12

Perfect in all ways!

vld said on Sep. 16 '12

Wow, thank you very much!

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