Luka Balic Design

by balic • Uploaded: Sep. 29 '11

Description: This is first of two versions for my personal logo.
Logo is made of initials of Luka Balic Design.
I wanted to incorporate feather in logo because feather was first design tool.

Second version here: http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/148262

Help me choose the right one.
Your comments are very wellcome,

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: serifdesignwhiteblacknegative space

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ubishere said on Sep. 29 '11

Yep this is the better version of the 2 imo.

Should the tip of the feather be slightly more pointed?

balic said on Sep. 29 '11

If I made the tip thinner it wouldn't be visible when I scale down the logo, and I need it to be clearly visible because it forms the "B" letter.

Thanks for comment!

nathantrafford said on Sep. 29 '11

I think you have an opportunity here to make something nice. I would forget the L, as 'Balic Design' sounds better anyway. I like the shape of the feather here, but don't know if it's enough to represent the B if you get rid of the L. I would play with maybe another two small parts of feathers or something to fill the space where the holes of the B would normally be.

balic said on Sep. 29 '11

I like the way you're thinking about the B letter.
I'll try that but I think D won't be visible if I put away L.
And I also like how this shape is closed with L, without it would look open. But I'll try what you suggest anyway.

cerise said on Sep. 29 '11

I prefer this one mate.

dulesaga said on Sep. 29 '11

I like the concept, but i think you need to work a little more on the fether part. For example the white line cutting in the tip of the feather is bearly visible, on smaller sizes it will desapier.

balic said on Sep. 30 '11

Thanks on comments guys!
@dulesaga - I didn't want the line to be too visible (to distract).
But I guess I should make it little bit thicker.Thanks!

aviat- said on Sep. 30 '11

Out of the two posted I'd have to say this one hands down. Definitely the most original approach out of the two.

nathantrafford said on Sep. 30 '11

I don't see a 'D'?

Jorge Codina said on Sep. 30 '11

Hey, thanks for your comment. I think this is a better version of your logo. i think it's make better reading.


Jorge Codina

PD: My english is not very advanced, sorry

jands said on Sep. 30 '11

this looks pretty good :) What about of making an L a bit smoother ?

orca design said on Sep. 30 '11

Yeah this one is our favourite Balic. I agree with jands though, perhaps a more organic L would be more suitable? Nice work though.

balic said on Sep. 30 '11

Thanks everyone for comments!

@nathantrafford : The "D" letter is made of L and the feather.

@jands and @orca : Thanks for suggestion, I'm trying out some variations.

mosti said on Oct. 01 '11

My favorite ;)

Type and Signs said on Oct. 03 '11

agree ... my favorite too !

Mason Roberts said on Oct. 05 '11

My favorite toooooo! :) I think just simplify the 'Luka Balic Design' to just one font and you'll have a winner.

Sean Heisler said on Oct. 07 '11

Sorry for the late reply here, Luka! I agree with the others here, I like this one best. I love the implied D shape, really nicely done in that hidden sort of way that you discover!

peg_ said on Nov. 02 '11

my favourite

Ivaylo Nedkov said on Nov. 22 '11

nice mark!:)

rafavila said on Dec. 17 '11

Great design :)

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