by Logomotive • Uploaded: Aug. 30 '11
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Description: 5 star logo.

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Commenting: Not seeking critique

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LOGOMOTIVE said on Aug. 30 '11

This was actually done for a Company called JAG financial consultants.We are going a different route.

LOGOMOTIVE said on Aug. 30 '11

I mean Jag financial. Now it could be Just 5Star Financial.

hanuman shakti said on Sep. 07 '11

simply nice....clear one :)

deiv said on Sep. 07 '11

i wanted to comment it earlier as i first saw it, but i didnt know what to say... now i will. great as always, Mike.

chanpion said on Sep. 08 '11

Absolutely. Would expect nothing less from you Mike.

logo design. said on Sep. 08 '11

Nice one :)

Mikeymike said on Sep. 08 '11

another nice one, BIG Mike.

Bernd said on Sep. 08 '11

m a g i c

bitencourt said on Sep. 08 '11

Great work, Mike!

logomotive said on Sep. 08 '11

Thanks Everyone. This will not be in Logolounge 7.

Mikeymike said on Sep. 08 '11

In #8 then! :)

logomotive said on Sep. 08 '11

Probably Never be in LL Mikey.

Mikeymike said on Sep. 08 '11

Why is that, Mike? You logos should be.

Mikeymike said on Sep. 08 '11

oops meant to say "YOUR logos should be."

matjak said on Sep. 08 '11

Nice one Mike.

logomotive said on Sep. 08 '11

Thanks Matjak.
Thanks MikeyMike, just never found a good reason other than looking at a logo in a book and sitting it on my shelf,especially paying for it to be.

logomotive said on Sep. 08 '11

Not trying to discredit it, just saying its' not for me. I never saw the big deal in it either.

Pierro said on Sep. 09 '11

Great work Mike.

cresk said on Sep. 12 '11

Although I paid LL almost a year ago and an odd selection of three logo's were selected for #7, I'm with you here Mike. I probably won't pay for such a publication again either. Besides, I actually never look at the 100 kg of papers in my shelf again.

nathantrafford said on Sep. 12 '11

Yeah. Cool books and all, and it's always nice to see your own work in there, but just puts a little bit of a sour taste on it when you have to pay so much to submit work.

logomotive said on Sep. 12 '11

Thanks Pierro.
Cresk, yeah guess it is nice to look through for inspiration and good to see what's out there however.
At Nathan, Yeah pretty much everyone who's anyone is on LL, just was never my cup of tea. Congrats to all in it though.

cresk said on Sep. 12 '11

Nathan & Mike: Maybe launching our printed publication once would be most rewarding...

logomotive said on Sep. 13 '11

I was actually on LL once. It felt very user unfriendly to me.Plus Me and Bill butted heads a little.

atomicvibe said on Sep. 15 '11

Nice one, Mike. I don't know if it needs the four stars emanating from the fingertips, as the icon clearly reads 5 (five fingers) star.

But I suppose they DO add a degree of fun, hocus-y-pocus-y, magical, happy feelings, like if you reached into a box of marshmallows-only Lucky Charms, pulled out a handful, and tossed it up into the air, letting the charms rain down upon you in all their sugary splendor.

ColinTierney said on Sep. 15 '11

^ wow, i just got chills.

Atomicvibe said on Sep. 15 '11

Me too, Colin. I think I may just pick up a box of Lucky Charms, remove everything BUT the star marshmallows, and do exactly what I described above - because it sounds like a helluva good time, and I do like to party.

logomotive said on Sep. 16 '11

Jon Thanks! Your absolutely right, I debated on the issue of only using the one star but kinda liked that "Sugary Splendor" :)

zhenvision said on Oct. 26 '11

nice one :)
also kinda reminds me the Chinese flag

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