by imjustcreative • Uploaded: Jul. 06 '11
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Description: Logo to be used on up coming website update to www.tucando.com

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: illustrationcharactermascotredorange

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Sean Heisler said on Jul. 06 '11

Really nice. Love the abstraction, colors and clean appearance. Nice work.

nickhood said on Jul. 06 '11

Nice work. I like the placement of the toucan.

cleber said on Jul. 06 '11

Very nice. I like it ;)

justinbakerdesigns said on Jul. 06 '11

Great Work!

logomotive said on Jul. 06 '11

Love the encompassing feel.

logomotive said on Jul. 06 '11

strong and memorable too.

yuro said on Jul. 06 '11

purely succinctly great job.

Agencija said on Jul. 06 '11

nice sympaticus!

hitbyreindeer said on Jul. 06 '11

The mark and text are very well integrated, and that fella is awesome!

Type08 said on Jul. 06 '11

One vote up, from one Toucan to another! :)

I-am-tiago said on Jul. 06 '11

Greta work, love the bird! :)

imjustcreative said on Jul. 06 '11

Am not a frequent visitor to Logopond so am pretty blown away by the lovely comments so far. Thank you.


cresk said on Jul. 06 '11

Great one Graham, nice to see you around here too :)

milou said on Jul. 06 '11

As I said on Dribbble earlier cool work, Graham.

cpuentes23 said on Jul. 06 '11

Great work,!!!

raja said on Jul. 06 '11

that is dope!

ding-dong-design said on Jul. 06 '11

Nice colors on the bird :D

tass said on Jul. 06 '11

niiiiiiice, i like a lot the way the symbol interacts with the type

richardbaird said on Jul. 07 '11

Really nice work.

almosh82 said on Jul. 07 '11

Really cool!!

pjmaster said on Jul. 07 '11

Nice job.

LadyGrey said on Jul. 07 '11

Super! I had much pleasure

janmouse said on Jul. 07 '11

Great and memorable mark.

cnasshan said on Jul. 07 '11

very cool, great work!

matjak said on Jul. 07 '11

Nice job champ :)

j3lsk1 said on Jul. 08 '11

I love it!

aurea said on Jul. 09 '11

Nice and clean

helsic said on Jul. 12 '11

Stunning!!! great! I just saw it and without thinking I fav it! I love the typography and the graphic, the colors and the simplisity!

atomicvibe said on Jul. 14 '11

This is really inspiring. Nice and integrated. Very good job!

Pierro said on Jul. 15 '11

Love this!

peg_ said on Jul. 19 '11

great job!

pragmahead said on Jul. 22 '11

What a style!

hanaghansarah said on Feb. 25 '15

the logo is wonderful, well done

RobertGoldring said on May. 06 '15

Excellent image of the tucan

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