Pirate Girl

by PauliusKairevicius • Uploaded: May. 11 '11
Gallerized Jul. '11 1fc042e777efa4ea4a607595a50490d3.png

Description: Public Relations and strategic marketing/branding firm

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Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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designtofeel said on May. 11 '11

Great all around. Perhaps a bit more space between mark and type, though.

Sean Heisler said on May. 11 '11

Very nice, Paul! I am sorry, I was just looking at your work and I have missed some of your recent uploads latey, nice work! Stop sneaking those by me.

lumavine said on May. 11 '11

Fun and funny!

contrast8 said on May. 11 '11

great looging:)

action said on May. 12 '11

@Sam, I will test your suggestion and if it will look better I will update this one. Thanks for your remark :)
@Sean, lol :D I am not trying to hide my good work and it's not a problem that you missed some of my new logos, you are always welcome in my showcase :)
@lumavine, thanks for your comment :)
@contrast8, I am thinking what I would do without you? Really thanks for your help and advices :)

Bernd said on May. 17 '11

nice logo ... really good

Antonio Cappucci said on Jul. 28 '11

Nice Logo!

nickhood said on Jul. 28 '11

Nice one, Paul!

contrast8 said on Jul. 28 '11

congrats on galery spot Paulius ;)

rokis said on Jul. 29 '11

Congrats :)

yuro said on Jul. 29 '11


action said on Jul. 29 '11

Wow, thank you very much! And Deividas, without your touch this logo would look little bit worse, thank you for your help!

atomicvibe said on Jul. 29 '11

ARRRR, she be lookin' good, matey!

swigley said on Jul. 29 '11

nice work!

action said on Jul. 31 '11

Thanks you :)

pjmaster said on Aug. 02 '11

Nice touch with lip-heart shape. My only suggestion is to reduce crossed bones.. just a little.

action said on Oct. 01 '11

appreciated! :)

robinssoncravents said on Jan. 25 '12

I love your work...this logo is lovely

Different Perspective said on Feb. 13 '12

funny, simple, beautiful!

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