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Description: TinyCo makes beautiful, fun and engaging games that can be played anywhere on mobile devices. Their mission is to make millions of people happy five minutes at a time. It is based in San Francisco, USA.

As seen on: www.tinyco.com

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Mikeymike said on Mar. 15 '11

right on, Alen. clean and tight.

alterego said on Mar. 15 '11

Cool typography here . I love this:)

richardbaird said on Mar. 16 '11

Nice and simple.

lecart said on Mar. 16 '11

I really like this one.

Type08 said on Mar. 16 '11

Mike, Stylesh, Richard, Stelian, much obliged gents! :)

contrast8 said on Mar. 16 '11

like this very much:)

Chad Sanderson said on Mar. 16 '11

^ Yup yup. Me too.

JoePrince said on Mar. 16 '11

Something about this is really nice, and I don't know what it is. I'll just leave it at that.

AlexWende said on Mar. 16 '11

love the way how simple and subtle the "Tiny" factor is incorporated in pushing the i under the t. works great :)

Type08 said on Mar. 16 '11

Deividas, Chad, Joe, Alex, thank you all! Alex, you got it all right, it was basically a concept here!

Pierro said on Mar. 16 '11

Nice logo. I like your work. :-)

Sean Heisler said on Mar. 16 '11

Very nice feel and looks perfect on the site!

Type08 said on Mar. 17 '11

Pierro and Sean, thank you very much fellaz! :)

brandsimplicity said on Mar. 18 '11

Beautiful bro, has the special xfactor:)

hertzpectiv said on Mar. 18 '11

works perfectly..

ambar said on Mar. 19 '11

Cute color combination... cheers!!! :)

hyperborea said on Mar. 19 '11

Brave simplicity.

jonnyd said on Mar. 20 '11

Am I missing something?

JoePrince said on Mar. 20 '11

^Yeah, open your eyes :)

bitencourt said on Mar. 20 '11

Great work, as usual Alen.

sean heisler said on Mar. 20 '11

^ Couldn't agree more with David's analysis of the simplicity in the mark.

Type08 said on Mar. 21 '11

Thank you all guys! Simple solution is often 'judged by it's cover'. I think that logos like Visa, Nivea or Samsung wouldn't gain more than 3 to 5 floats here on the Pond and a lot of the people would think that those are 'bad' solutions. It's up to identity programs and brand images to bring it all out, logo is just a tip of the iceberg.

nitish.b said on Mar. 22 '11

me likey likey

minusfive said on Mar. 25 '11

Love it.

Type08 said on Mar. 25 '11

Nitish and Jorge, thanks a lot!

lumo said on Mar. 25 '11

Really liked the comment above about the float count on simplistic logos. I think you are dead on. There are some great logos in the pond with fewer floats but that doesn't make them bad.

tconrad said on Mar. 28 '11

egh. . .

Type08 said on Mar. 28 '11

Yeah James, I agree with you. Conrad, abf... ;)

sean heisler said on Mar. 28 '11

^ Wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments about simplicity as well!

Type08 said on Apr. 02 '11

Thanks for joining in, Sean!

aloofkid said on Apr. 06 '11

I love it, plain and simple but has strong impact.

Type08 said on Apr. 07 '11

Thanks Kid!

Rokis said on Apr. 25 '11

Very strong logo! Great work!

alexanderspliid said on Apr. 25 '11

thought i commented on this one before, really well-crafted Alen!.. btw enjoyed reading a bit about you in the logonest-book :)

Type08 said on Apr. 26 '11

Rokas and Alex, thanks guys! Alex, I hope it was interesting enough for you, thanks buddy! :)

Oronoz ® said on Apr. 26 '11

Man, you did a GREAT job on this, so clean and perfect!! Love it!!

Type08 said on Apr. 26 '11

Thank you buddy, means a lot!

roovie said on Aug. 10 '11

can't deny. loove it!

Type08 said on Aug. 11 '11

Thanks Roovie!

julius seniunas said on Jan. 07 '13

looooove !

Type08 said on Jan. 08 '13


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