by JF • Uploaded: Jan. 29 '11
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Description: Think 'magnificent' or 'magnanimous'...splendid royal qualities. The root, 'magni' means 'great and powerful'. A simplified crown is in there.

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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morecolor said on Jan. 29 '11

Simple and nice, JF ;)

JF said on Jan. 29 '11

Thank you, very much!

JF said on Jan. 31 '11

Thanks for the floats, morecolor, vernics, and contrast8!

epicantus said on Jan. 31 '11

Clean & nice!

JF said on Jan. 31 '11

Thanks for saying that, epicantus! That's very nice.

JF said on Jan. 31 '11

Thanks for the float also, epicantus. That was nice of you to do as well!

JF said on Feb. 03 '11

Thanks! Will try that.

oski said on Mar. 25 '11

simple=better ;)

aneeshsyamala said on Jun. 17 '11

simple and cool!

hitbyreindeer said on Jul. 06 '11

cool simplicity JF!

nickhood said on Jul. 06 '11

What a bright concept. Well done.

JF said on Jul. 06 '11

Wow, thanks oski, aneeshsyamala, hitbyreindeer, and nickhood. Appreciated.

emwu said on Jul. 07 '11

for me, "M" is to small for the rest of typography, but totality is ok

cnasshan said on Jul. 09 '11

This is very clean, readable, yet catches attention so nicely. Have you tried it with coloring the crown? Nice work JF!

deibo said on Aug. 03 '11

Very nice & solid

JF said on Aug. 29 '11

Thanks for the kind words and floats, everyone. This one will likely be modified, as it's now just for my own enjoyment to work with, rather than a project. More of a concept-at-work than anything else.

lumavine said on Oct. 28 '11

Nice idea. The NI needs some extra kerning, and probably also the GN.

Mikeymike said on Oct. 28 '11

6agre with a litte love on the kerning, but solid design.

JF said on Oct. 28 '11

This is a project that stalled; kerning will be amended when I get back to it. Thanks for your feedback, folks.

And, wow -- thanks for the gallery spot, LP Gallery team. Whoever chose it, I am very flattered. Thank you!

logo design- said on Oct. 29 '11

Simple but solid.. Be carefull the M could seem like a letter and not a crown.. Otherwise great logo design.

Rokac said on Oct. 31 '11

Great potential behind this one.

Dan. said on Nov. 18 '11

i have to admit, i initially thought it was a mail delivery company. however, the description helped to clarify things. nice concept though!

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