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Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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milou said on Dec. 09 '10

What a turtle, great style, I thought of a Klimt style, which should be a good addition.

Lecart said on Dec. 09 '10

This is very nicely done. I'm not usually keen on small details such as the dots here, but it works. Colors and texture ad a lot.

Alisa1711 said on Dec. 09 '10


sbj said on Dec. 09 '10

great style..

Rokac said on Dec. 09 '10

Looks great!

tolga said on Dec. 09 '10

great, beautiful colors

bigoodis said on Dec. 09 '10

Great logo man!

eziemac said on Dec. 09 '10

awesome work, love it

GreenInkStudio said on Dec. 09 '10

Very nice style... and cute turtle too.

nickosma said on Dec. 09 '10

nice work!

awestley said on Dec. 09 '10

Great colors and who doesn't like a turtle?

JRF said on Dec. 09 '10

Thanks for the comments!

OksanaZhe said on Dec. 09 '10

ya tawus`!:) very very very cool!

Mikeymike said on Dec. 09 '10

great style and color selection. like the subtle textures also.

koodoz said on Dec. 09 '10

Ooooh, I like this a lot!

dotflo said on Dec. 10 '10

love the looks of this

ru_ferret said on Dec. 11 '10

You must be proud of this man. I thought about Klimt like Milosz.

JRF said on Dec. 11 '10

spasibo, Nikita:)

Chad Sanderson said on Dec. 12 '10

I like this so much! Everything about it, from the colors to the shapes is just perfect.

Creartor_ said on Dec. 13 '10

Ideal! Excellent colour and form.

13mu said on Dec. 14 '10

nice work!

Tourneau said on Dec. 15 '10

Great Job!!!

kosta said on Dec. 15 '10

So cute! :)

Raoul Camion said on Dec. 17 '10

Textures are really great !

c4creative said on Dec. 21 '10

Love the colours and details. Having the 3 feet grouped on the right bothers me though, it gives the impression that the turtle has 6 legs. Am I the only one that sees that?

logostage said on Dec. 27 '10

Wooow I like it

sandmanda said on Feb. 14 '11

Love the style!

jonid said on Apr. 11 '11

simply sublime

nickhood said on Aug. 03 '11

Exceptional work! An out of the ordinary approach you've used. Its very memorable.

google said on Aug. 10 '11

The texture of the turtle is simple amazing, great work 10/10

tommiluvzu2 said on Mar. 11 '15

Is this logo design available for purchase? :)

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