The Robin's Nest Barber Shop

by DoubleA • Uploaded: Nov. 16 '10
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Description: Barber shop logo

As seen on: Doubleacreative

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Double A said on Nov. 16 '10

Added the copy. This might represent better.

Hayes Image said on Nov. 16 '10

In short - Not only does this hit the brief on the head...it goes to its house & karate chops its Nanna.

Double A said on Nov. 17 '10

Ha, Thanks guys. I appreciate that.

lumavine said on Dec. 29 '10

Wow, what a great image. Good work, and very clever!

Double A said on Dec. 29 '10

Thank you : )

atomicvibe said on Jul. 14 '11

WOW, so smart. Great concept, flawless execution.

cnasshan said on Aug. 24 '11

The only thing I want to point out, other than the fact that this is amazing, is that since it's a barber shop, the messiness of the nest doesn't send a clean cut message to me that a barber shop image usually tries to express.

Bernd said on Aug. 25 '11

at first sight it looked like a naked man doing a handstand ... ;P no, no, this one is really awesome ... fave !!!

hanuman shakti said on Aug. 25 '11

interesting looks...:)))

Freelance grafiker said on Aug. 25 '11

great logo, love the mix

peg_ said on Aug. 26 '11

so thoughtful!nice

Double A said on Aug. 26 '11

Thanks for the comments everyone. I appreciate them.

mollybermea said on Aug. 26 '11

I realize this was done in 2010, but I couldn't resist. VERY NICE JOB! Added to our current trends in Business Branding at COLOURlovers.com. http://www.colourlovers.com/business/trends/branding/7877/The_Robins_Nest_Barber_Shop

are you a COLOURlover? Thanks!

Molly Bermea
Community Curator / Blog Editor

oliverakos said on Aug. 29 '11


nandy said on Nov. 07 '11

Nice Idea!!!!!

logoboom said on Nov. 07 '11

Clever...I'd lose the red on the type (go all black) so it doesn't compete with the blue.

Double A said on Nov. 08 '11

Thank you for the suggestion Logoboom. I will give it a try.

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