by Wizemark • Uploaded: Sep. 21 '10
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Description: Experimenting with this piece of art called Candy Script.

As seen on: www.wizemark.com

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: nectarflowerfairytalemagicalmagic

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michaelspitz said on Sep. 21 '10

Love that mark!

Hayes Image said on Sep. 21 '10

me too :)

Pierro said on Sep. 21 '10

This is amazing.

oronoz ® said on Sep. 21 '10

wow great work!!

ru_ferret said on Sep. 21 '10

mm, another wise mark :D

rudy hurtado said on Sep. 21 '10

Srdjan what are you smoking these days?

JoePrince said on Sep. 21 '10

^Whatever it is, I'm in for $20.

logomotive said on Sep. 21 '10

^^^yep must be good stuff.

Mikeymike said on Sep. 21 '10


wizemark said on Sep. 21 '10

^Junkies.. :) Thank you, all.

ebrown said on Sep. 21 '10

Great job real fresh.

wizemark said on Sep. 21 '10

Thanks, Ed.

dotflo said on Sep. 21 '10

looks great

sbj said on Sep. 21 '10

its really cool

action said on Sep. 21 '10

Agree with you all! Very nice concept :)

Lecart said on Sep. 22 '10

How's that younger hot designer and willing to experiment with your gf doin', mate? :D

wizemark said on Sep. 22 '10

^She have some time off.. we`ve been working really hard. :p Btw, you need to get laid, dude.
Thanks for the comments, guys!

andreiu said on Sep. 22 '10

you're crazy man! what have you been doing in order to get so skilled? is it related to being surrounded by girls? a girlfriend, a new young hot designer, and possibly some groupies.. :p

Lecart said on Sep. 22 '10

haha, love the "get laid":http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/83233 (<-- link) punchline. btw, 'twas you mentioning the hotness and younger-ness :))

forgot to mention i love the piece, though i think it's obvious from the float.

wizemark said on Sep. 22 '10

^That`s the one. :) I was said younger not to brag..i said it..actually i don`t know why i said that anymore.. But it seems that would be better if i`m working with some geezer or some humpback instead.. That way i wouldn`t get this tortures every time i upload something.. :p
Andrei, lol! It`s related to the very few hours of sleep for the last 2 weeks, i think.. seeing new things lately.. :D

Lecart said on Sep. 22 '10

it's not torture bro, i'm just havin' fun, haha. cheers!

andreiu said on Sep. 22 '10

^it's all ok until you get to see the Eye of Sauron..
now really, do not play with your health, I already had severe problems because of the lack of sleep - so my advise as a friend - sleep, it's more important than you think.

wizemark said on Sep. 22 '10

I know, Stelian. All good. :)
Andrei, i hear ya. Just got up and it feels really good.. :D

saawan said on Sep. 24 '10

Love the colors! Gr8 work, Srdjan.

firebrand said on Sep. 24 '10

Unique style once again Srdjan.

wizemark said on Sep. 24 '10

@Saawan and Roy Appreciate your comments, gents.

epicantus said on Dec. 16 '10


!mude said on Dec. 16 '10

Beautiful work Srdjan - your portfolio is really, really good :)

wizemark said on Dec. 19 '10

thanks u 2.

oski said on Mar. 25 '11

I love this colours

vergad said on Feb. 06 '12

i missed this. what a brilliant piece of art. float and fav all the way. surprised it's not gallererized yet. hhmmm?

vergad said on Feb. 06 '12

YES!!! congrats.

nickhood said on Feb. 06 '12

Very good!

garychew1984 said on Feb. 06 '12

nice! i saw "batman" hehe :)

florisvoorveld said on Feb. 07 '12

Such a lovely mark Srdjan!

sn said on Feb. 07 '12

nice .

headdow said on Feb. 07 '12

Very nice!!!

oias said on Feb. 07 '12

What a Character, I like
the Illustration it reminds
me of Birdman Cartoon.

HDesign said on Feb. 07 '12

i like this logo form and colors!

hertzpectiv said on Feb. 09 '12

I am lovin this! :)

pjmaster said on Feb. 11 '12

It is always nice to see this vibrant work.

GreenInkStudio said on Feb. 12 '12

Very nice indeed. Beautiful colors too!

oliverakos said on Feb. 15 '12


reinalds said on Feb. 18 '12

that's very good logo, but if your turn on black and white would be this logo lose the visual identity?

ladygrey said on Aug. 25 '12

lovely-lovely mark, Wizemark!

wizemark said on Aug. 28 '12

Thanks, everyone!

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