Tango de Tightrope

by DoubleA • Uploaded: Sep. 15 '10
Gallerized Nov. '10 77fa3d7b0fa3dd75e0b812c49925ee2a.png

Description: Self promo

As seen on: Doubleacreative

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: walkmovebalanceropedance

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hyperborea said on Sep. 15 '10

this is so nice!

ru_ferret said on Sep. 15 '10

wow, outstanding design!

Mikeymike said on Sep. 15 '10

very amazing, you see the body's so well in the negative space. And it has great flow and movement. nice.

Double A said on Sep. 15 '10

Thx guys.

dotflo said on Sep. 16 '10

great work, your drawings skills are very good

GreenInkStudio said on Sep. 16 '10

Amazing negative space play! Great job!

ru_ferret said on Nov. 07 '10

Absolutely adorable! Glad to see it in the gallery.

myway999 said on Nov. 07 '10

great negative space, really love this. congrats!

vernics said on Nov. 07 '10

Outstanding illustration!

noahcarter said on Nov. 07 '10

how do i hire you to create a logo for me?

serhos said on Nov. 07 '10

Man it's georgeous!

Double A said on Nov. 07 '10

Thx everyone. I really appreciate your comments.

brandsimplicity said on Nov. 07 '10

Beautiful, great use of negative space.

roberto norelli said on Nov. 07 '10


JF said on Nov. 07 '10

I've seen a lot of these self-promos of yours, and I love all of them. Are there details on these promos somewhere on your site? Case study? Fantastic work.

matjak said on Nov. 07 '10

Beautiful work mate. Really nice.

machine said on Nov. 08 '10

great illo!
You've really captured the movement and poise of the dance.
My only niggle would be the text is pretty small - if it is used as a 'proper' logo. Reduced down to a business card etc, and the text will probably be a little too small.

Double A said on Nov. 08 '10

FC and Anthony, I don't have anything on my website for this stuff. It is something I am doing in my free time so its been a slow moving process. But basically what I am doing is a logo for ever letter of the alphabet which will eventually go on a self promo poster for my freelance company. I am about 3/4 of the way done.

Double A said on Nov. 08 '10

Machine, thank you for your comment. I agree with you. I actually just added the type to show for the website. When the project is finished the logo will be displayed without the text.

JF said on Nov. 08 '10

You have an excellent approach to branding. I mean, every letter!? Wow. What font is that, by the way? Looks incredibly familiar.

Double A said on Nov. 08 '10

Thanks JF, ya some of the last letters are proving to be a difficult : ) The font is Din.

milou said on Nov. 08 '10

Nice use of negative spaces here and there.

lboi said on Nov. 08 '10

this is gorgeous!

Double A said on Nov. 09 '10

Thanks guys.

SuzieQoo said on Nov. 09 '10

I really really like this design! it is awesome!

AMP said on Nov. 12 '10

This is sweet! I wish the orange was more red. But totally awesome design!

crdesigner said on Nov. 23 '10

it's awesome!

designst said on Dec. 20 '10

ja nice for a tango presentation!

redchocolate said on Apr. 29 '12

very well

sverdlychenko said on May. 22 '12

So elegant and stunning ) Love it!

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