by milou • Uploaded: Aug. 25 '10

Description: Web & Mobile Design Development Company.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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logotivity said on Aug. 25 '10

love it milou! looks great with background..

lumo said on Aug. 25 '10

thought this might be yours...

JoePrince said on Aug. 25 '10

What does the mark represent Milosz?

milou said on Aug. 25 '10

Letter V and crown Joey.

James & Steve - Thank you very much mates!

JoePrince said on Aug. 25 '10

Ah, I'm a little slow today, sorry. Nice man.

milou said on Aug. 25 '10

Heheh no probs buddy :) Btw, How are the things going with you lately?

bitencourt said on Aug. 25 '10

Nicely colors Milosz as always. Really nice.:)

S.vanElderen said on Aug. 25 '10

This is nice, great job Milou

JoePrince said on Aug. 25 '10

Doing well my man. School just started this week so super busy again, all classes I enjoy though. How's everything on your end?

milou said on Aug. 25 '10

Breno thank you my friend, and thanks for the kind words Savael, lighthouse is lovely!

bigoodis said on Aug. 25 '10

love the central part of mark. I think if it would be possible to simplify the mark to this part :)

davishama said on Aug. 25 '10

I like this, Milou. Great looking :)

milou said on Aug. 25 '10

Joey: Good to hear that bro. Nothing better than the classes that you enjoy! Doing quite good too, I'm having one moth left to the end of the holidays, and then the last semster will start, it will be stressful...

Thank Ivan for stepping by, glad you think so. I just wanted to put the attention to the central part, because Vulsai is Bulls Eye from Spanish.

Cheeeers Davi!

bigoodis said on Aug. 25 '10

Man I think that the side parts is forced to think about them, detracting from the central part of the logo.

contrast8 said on Aug. 25 '10

nice mark, i agree with bigoodis:)

vernics said on Aug. 25 '10

Love it, Milosz :)

michaelspitz said on Aug. 25 '10

Nice one buddy! Great color as always!

Jonnyd said on Aug. 25 '10

Your talented M. Keep em coming bloke!

milou said on Aug. 25 '10

Ivan, Deividas - I see your points. Maybe less distracting colors would be better? What do you think?

Ali, Michael, Johnny - Thank you very much good fellas!

leiliu_net said on Aug. 25 '10

Nice one

palattecorner said on Aug. 25 '10

colours are amazing

woelve said on Aug. 25 '10

Heheh, tak myslalem po thumbnailu, ze to Twoje :-)

milou said on Aug. 26 '10

Leiliu, Palattecorner - Cheeers mates! Glad you liked it.

Dobrze slyszec Jan :-)

ahmetbarin said on Aug. 28 '10

Great! very good :). %u0130n the hands of health.

milou said on Aug. 28 '10

Don't know what word is on the beginning of the first sentence of yours, cheers anyway!

bigoodis said on Aug. 28 '10

@Milosz: I think that is worth keeping so. That logo is more unusual. I needed time to think about it :)

milou said on Aug. 29 '10

^ Heheh, glad to hear that Ivan, thanks very much :)

s7even said on Aug. 29 '10

While it is perhaps more unusual with the side parts, I think it would be much stronger without. That central sheild/crown/V is really sweet.

alexanderspliid said on Aug. 29 '10

^ second that

milou said on Aug. 30 '10

Cheers gents, I will stick with this version and with version without the side parts (:

Kliment said on Aug. 31 '10

sweet!! :D

milou said on Aug. 31 '10

Thank you Kliment!

ru_ferret said on Aug. 31 '10

This one please ;)

milou said on Sep. 01 '10

Heheh, cheers Nikita!

gunterschobel said on May. 15 '12


milou said on May. 21 '12

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

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