by milou • Uploaded: Aug. 17 '10
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Description: Client request to work with kitty in the mark.

As seen on: miloszklimek.com

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: premiumecologykittycat

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engar said on Aug. 17 '10


firebrand said on Aug. 17 '10

I like the legs. Not sure about the whiskers and the tail looks fox-like. Why the white dot?

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

Thanks Engar!

Roy, I'm not sure about the whiskers too, I've tried many versions of them and those turned the best so far. White dot is the nose. I don't want to lose the impression that the cat is from the front.

firebrand said on Aug. 17 '10

The legs indicate to me that the kitten is facing forwards.

firebrand said on Aug. 17 '10

A little negative space in the whiskers should enable you to do away with the nose. Do you need to turn the whiskers?

woelve said on Aug. 17 '10

Kot Filemon wyglada sympatycznie, ale nie wiem, czy tylka nie powinien miec troche wyzej (?) :-)

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

That's a solid point with the legs, I've taken off the nose. Will try to play with them more, nope they don't need to be turned.

kathariney said on Aug. 17 '10

I thought, without the nose it does look a bit like the cat turned its head away . (I found the nose cute, and maybe better in another colour). I like the whiskers which give this kitty a very different look compare to other kitties out there. But I have to agree that looks like a fox tail....

firebrand said on Aug. 17 '10

Neg space on the whiskers katheriney?

kathariney said on Aug. 17 '10

^ that would certainly turns its face back looking at me

itsgareth said on Aug. 17 '10

I think its the tiny cut on the neck that makes it look like the head has turned

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

Roy, take a look now, I just made the little neg space in the whiskers, is that what you meant?

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

Kathariney, Gareth - thanks for the input. I think it looks better now with those cutts. If still you get the impression of him looking back then I will try it too.

firebrand said on Aug. 17 '10

Kind of. I still don't get the downward hooks on the whiskers? I think they should taper off.

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

^ Yeh, yeh I just made them to end with taper off. Better?

davishama said on Aug. 17 '10

This is turning into something really cool :)
Liking it!

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

Hope so Davi, I spent some good hours with this cat.

lecart said on Aug. 17 '10

this is one helluva cute kitty mate, but

- definitely fox tail, i'd go with a curly same-weight-lin tail.

- the kitty looks indeed like she's facing us but the head seems it's turned away due to the little cut on the neck.

- i would deepen the cuts of the whiskers closer to the supposed nose.

Just a few small touches and you've got a great winner pedigree, haha

lecart said on Aug. 17 '10

same-weight-linE tail *

lecart said on Aug. 17 '10

oh, just realized my points were already mentioned. damn.

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

Hey Stelian, I've just updated it with the new thiner tail, butt upper, and whiskers deepper to the nose. Is that any better now mates?

vernics said on Aug. 17 '10

Really cute kitty :)

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

Heheh, kot filemon (: Dalem mu dupke troszke wyzej, dzieki Jan!

Thanks Ali, glad you liked it!

rincon said on Aug. 17 '10

Now looks more interesting than the first version.. gre8 work Milow

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

Anthony & Alena - Thank you very much fellas! I think it turned out really better, appreciation for time to Roy, Gareth, Stelian, Kathariney and Jan!

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

really good*

firebrand said on Aug. 17 '10

Alena, you seem to have the magic touch with the float button.

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

^ It's called Magic Mouse.

lecart said on Aug. 17 '10

good luck with the client!

vasvari said on Aug. 17 '10

Very pretty work :)

patriciape said on Aug. 17 '10

mrrrr... i like him! but not sure if i can love blue cat :)

zibbidy said on Aug. 17 '10

Great work Milosz! ^^ yeah, good luck with the client.

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

Stelian, Amir - Thanks I will need it, tomorrow will make some presentation for it.

Peter - Cheers!

Patricia - Didn't you know that... love is blue. (;

patriciape said on Aug. 17 '10

haha didn't i know really, can't it be violet? (:

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

^Besides there is a race of kitties called Russian Blue: http://www.flickr.com/photos/christinacarty/4590745236/#/

patriciape said on Aug. 17 '10

ok i love blue cat!

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

I won.

JoePrince said on Aug. 17 '10

Ftw Milosz, nice changes.

milou said on Aug. 17 '10

Thanks Joe, I think so too, turned good.

deiv said on Aug. 19 '10

really nice portfolio there... love it!

S.vanElderen said on Aug. 19 '10

there it is <3

milou said on Aug. 19 '10

You are making me shy Deividas, thanks mate!

Savael, Thank you very much for loving!

brandsimplicity said on Aug. 19 '10

Awesome kitty!

mcdseven said on Aug. 19 '10

lovely job milou. kudos.

milou said on Aug. 19 '10

Fabian, Paul - Thank you amigos (:

myway999 said on Aug. 20 '10

This is lovely and unique, milou. Thank you for your comments on my works, much appreciated. How come you are so young and so good? :p

cheers, buddy.

milou said on Aug. 20 '10

Thanks a bunch Claude, no probs. So young? Haha. How old are you btw? I don't know, I just love what I'm doing and trying (: Cheers mate!

myway999 said on Aug. 20 '10

hehe, 25 this june:) you should call me sir:p
i know you love it, all your work shows that.
Cheers and have a great day, milou

myway999 said on Aug. 20 '10

btw, there is a small symbol missing at the right corner of your logo here...gallery icon?
see ya:)

milou said on Aug. 20 '10

Hahaha, ok then sir. That's very sweet of you that you think so, have a great day too!


milou said on Aug. 25 '10

Just changed the bacground and the mark color to the presented ones.

andreiu said on Sep. 02 '10

sweet and catzy!

danieltaborda said on Sep. 02 '10

Beautiful! Nice work!

Mad Skimo said on Sep. 02 '10

Nice Alien Cat!

bitencourt said on Sep. 02 '10

Congratz Milosz, very nice work here :)

Chad Sanderson said on Sep. 02 '10

Looks good my friend.

mabu said on Sep. 02 '10

Cute cat amigo.

pjmaster said on Sep. 02 '10

Milosz, I think this cat looking right at me :) BravoČ!

milou said on Sep. 03 '10

Andrei, Daniel, Hector, Nils, Breno, Chad, Mads, Alena, Jonden, Jovan - Thank you fine amigos!

luiz_adelino said on Sep. 03 '10

great milou congrats

joelalexander said on Sep. 05 '10

cute kitty! good work

milou said on Sep. 07 '10

Cheers gents!

Kliment said on Sep. 09 '10

Nice! :))

milou said on Sep. 11 '10

Cheeeeers bro!

milou said on Sep. 13 '10

Accepted by client, final colors.

Noetic Brands said on Oct. 07 '10

Nice. This has personality !!

milou said on Oct. 10 '10

Thank you Noetic Brands.

hanuman shakti said on Oct. 04 '12

I really do love your color tone on all of your logos :)

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