Stand Out

by Siah-Design • Uploaded: Jul. 14 '10

Description: Logo project in progress for an upcoming startup.

Copyright Josiah Jost and Siah Design © 2009

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: typography

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JoePrince said on Jul. 14 '10

Type is really nice, Josiah. Wondering if 'stand' and 'out' should not have the space in the middle...with the 'o' being raised above the other characters it already gives the feel of separation. I think it would be best to have it read 'standout' with just the 'o' raised. Just my two cents.

c4creative said on Jul. 14 '10

Agree with Joe. But really nice font.

siah-design said on Jul. 14 '10

Thanks, Joe - yea, the client and I have discussed the issue of having the space a fair bit and my thoughts were the same as your thoughts initially. But client really felt there should be a space as he wanted it clear to be "stand out" and not "standout". I think it works either way.

logomotive said on Jul. 14 '10

Oh I bet you could have about 20 different versions of this one with spacing. I like the concept. I agree with Joe though so far.

siah-design said on Jul. 14 '10

I do agree that aesthetically it's better with no spacing. So for now I'll take out the space and re-address the spacing issue with the client. Thx guys.

JoePrince said on Jul. 14 '10

Visually speaking, it is more appealing now IMO. Neat idea JJ.

dotflo said on Jul. 15 '10

great type and idea, really like this:)

theartistt said on Jul. 15 '10

I like these, so I floated it, but, considering the brouhaha that went on in another logo's thread, I'm surprised there is no mention here as to how redundant this style of type manipulation is getting to be. Just sayin.

JoePrince said on Jul. 15 '10

^Do you have the link to that thread? I must have missed it.

siah-design said on Jul. 15 '10

Thanks Joe and Dotflo.

Trish, it is true that a lot of people have been making typographic concepts for fun lately as they were popular.

But a lot of time, thought and love has been put into this project for an actual company and I'm really trying to push the creativity as far as integrating it throughout the identity(stationery, website, etc). It's not a cheap couple "shift up-arrow clicks and here's your logo" type of deal. I explored several other concepts before finalizing this one.

So in that sense, I think the client is enroute to strong clear and simple brand identity.

OcularInk said on Jul. 15 '10

Hey Josiah, just so ya know, I did something very similar: http://www.morningcopy.com.au/">Click Here

logoholik said on Jul. 15 '10

^ oh, sh*t, make my logo bigger cream applied there, huh? :)

milou said on Jul. 15 '10

^^ Was just about to say that ;)

OcularInk said on Jul. 15 '10

LOL! I would have gone much bigger.

firebrand said on Jul. 15 '10

Wow Kev, that's a masthead not a logo!

JoePrince said on Jul. 15 '10

^^^^^Why didn't they put up the big one Kev? :P

itsgareth said on Jul. 15 '10

Wow! I've been wondering who designed that Morning Copy logo for ages ;)

OcularInk said on Jul. 15 '10

Bunch of comedians on this site.

epicantus said on Dec. 14 '10

So clever! Perfect!

siah-design said on Dec. 15 '10

Thanks, Daria. :)

Lecart said on Dec. 16 '10

i've seen the stationery for this, pretty good stuff!

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