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Description: unofficial proposals for the dj booking agency based in Romania working under mandarina9 agency

As seen on: www.alextass.com

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: customcustom madebrandingidentitybrand

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JF said on Jul. 12 '10

This is nice!

bigoodis said on Jul. 13 '10

very nice work tass :)

tass said on Jul. 13 '10

Thank you !

sbj said on Jul. 13 '10

nice mango tass.. now days we hv big stocks of mangos in our country :)

raja said on Jul. 13 '10

Very fresh. Lettering is very reminiscent of the fruit and overall this is well done

tass said on Jul. 13 '10

Thank you for the nice words! :)

luiz_adelino said on Jul. 13 '10

i liked tass congrats

Mikeymike said on Jul. 13 '10

well done. love the look and feel to this, for sure.

milou said on Jul. 13 '10

Good work, adorable.

tass said on Jul. 13 '10

Thank you all! :)

brandsimplicity said on Jul. 13 '10

Nice, I also think that Alen is onto something there:)

tass said on Jul. 13 '10

mandarina9 has already that graphic element used that way click -> "http://i40.tinypic.com/2cqfyhh.png":http://i40.tinypic.com/2cqfyhh.png

tass said on Jul. 13 '10

"This one":http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/109755 <--- (click) was also the starting point, so i had in mind a more equillibrate/symmetric piece.

tass said on Jul. 13 '10

Thank you all for the comments, suggestions, floats and for the gallery place. Thank you!

Agencija said on Jul. 14 '10

Nice fresh!
Is not better leafs on letter o?
It will than more look like mango?

eziemac said on Jul. 14 '10

nice work buddy!
@agencija I think it benefits the balance with the leaves in the middle :)

tass said on Jul. 14 '10

Thanks Agencija, eziemac.

I had some second thoughts and i decided to try it the m9 style on this one while i keep "the other version with the balance feel given by the n centered leaves":http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/109755 <--- click; so here's an update, how do you guys feel about it now?

JF said on Jul. 14 '10

I think the leaves over the 9/g is positively brilliant. It's saying something...draws the viewer in, has a pull on the eye. And in my opinion, that's what a great logo does. Again, nice work.

Lecart said on Jul. 14 '10

nice work, man

wujot said on Jul. 14 '10


pilbo said on Jul. 14 '10

looks good enough to eat!!

gary said on Jul. 14 '10

Nice! i prefer this version rather than the leaf on n, cos it look more to carrot, IMO.

oski said on Jul. 15 '10

Another good one! Tass

tass said on Jul. 15 '10

Thanks a lot guys!

tentcamper said on Jul. 15 '10

very nice design. check out my logo and please comment. search for tentcamper

akki_ovivid said on Jul. 17 '10

Really felling a mango in this summer!!!

GenuineFusion said on Aug. 07 '10

hi, i like the logo but i how is the relation between mandarain9 and mango...

a mango is also green from outside and inside orange. when i read the wording i am a bit confused because i read mango but see a mandarine.

tass said on Aug. 07 '10

ashmenon said on Aug. 13 '10

Hi tass, I've showcased this logo in a blog post of mine: http://www.ashmenon.com/logo-inspiration-1-fun/

I hope that's okay with you, if not, just let me know and I'll remove it :)

Love the sheer citrus energy that's bouncing off of this one, although I think having the colors go closer to yellow instead of orange would help. Right now I'm thinking mandarin oranges, instead of mangoes :)

Beautifully styled, overall. I think if you showcase this alongside a single-colour version and a BW version, you'll really demonstrate the versatility of the shape.

tass said on Aug. 14 '10

Thank you, that's nice of you. For the moment i using it only alongside another proposal "http://www.nocturn.ro/identity/logos-2010.html":http://www.nocturn.ro/identity/logos-2010.html but thanks for the tip. Maybe at a point i will consider selling it (especially since it's not quite an official project and since it was not pitch it) and then i will use it in all those variations.
Thank you.

manzanask81 said on Aug. 14 '10

Great texture, Congrats

BrunoDF said on Aug. 24 '10

This is great, man! Loved the mango texture you used!

Very nice touch!

lboi said on Aug. 25 '10

yummy logo!

tass said on Aug. 26 '10

mniam-mniam! :D

Bernd said on Apr. 06 '11

fresh ... !!

vorox said on Mar. 21 '12

juicy )

tass said on Mar. 21 '12

mniam-mniam! :))

JohnDervishi said on Mar. 14 '13

Lowe this

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