Interli v.5

by kugelis • Uploaded: Apr. 29 '10
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Description: Logo for a roofing company. You can see the roofing process here - http://www.cassroofing.com/FlatRoof1Compressed.jpg

As seen on: Logotipu kurimas

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: roofrollingdynamicpositivenegative

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logoboom said on Apr. 29 '10

I dunno...I might like this better.

logoboom said on Apr. 29 '10

To anthony's point, all caps might really clean up the lines.

OcularInk said on Apr. 29 '10

Love the feeling of this logo. Such a great use of negative space.

kugelis said on Apr. 29 '10

I changed the margins, now they are equal and logo looks better now.

Beaking the blue space (which supposed to symbolize the roof) seems wrong to me. Now the whole composition looks complete and reminds a pennon.

Rokac said on Apr. 29 '10

Nice one.
Also I love that letter "e":)

eziemac said on Apr. 29 '10

nice work, looks much better with the name in the mark

JoePrince said on Apr. 29 '10

This is the best one so far IMO. Not complicated at all either. Very simple if anything. Nice work!

ethereal said on Apr. 29 '10

There we go, very nice.

kugelis said on Apr. 29 '10

I am glad that you like it. Thanks for your help and comments. I am sending both versions to my client.

nido said on Apr. 29 '10

wait... the font should be thicker...

too late?

kugelis said on Apr. 29 '10

it is thicker than in v.4 and I tryed even more thicker...

nido said on Apr. 29 '10

even more thicker.

kugelis said on Apr. 29 '10


kugelis said on May. 04 '10

Another update. This is V6 now and it's much better than V5 and V4. I found the problem in v4. There is complicated alignment between the roll and the letter e (the roll is not in the perspective, neither it is verticaly aligned). In this version I aligned the roll verticaly with letter e. And made the text smaller. Now everything is ok, I'm happy :)

MilCaras said on Nov. 26 '10

Rolls for me!!

Type08 said on Feb. 22 '11

This is one of your best logos Giedrius! It's a logo design book material IMO! :)

Artgeko said on Oct. 10 '11

Great! All simply brilliant.

Different Perspective said on Jan. 16 '12

aahh clever, clean - very nice!

kugelis said on Jan. 16 '12

WOW. I'm in the gallery :) I'm really glad that you like my work.

Sean Heisler said on Jan. 16 '12

It's an awesome logo, Giedrius, clever in execution and makes them look high quality and professional.

matto said on Jan. 16 '12

Can't miss the chance to comment on this. Super clever use of negative space.

ocularink said on Jan. 17 '12

Congrats on making it to the gallery.

chanpion said on Jan. 17 '12

Love the whole balance and simplicity of this. Nice, very nice.

nido said on Nov. 27 '14

Amazing designer.

logomotive said on Nov. 27 '14

^ agree

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