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Description: This is the identity for my freelance business. Still working out the colors. I invite as much feedback as possible, specifically, were you able to read the name as "chirp"? An ambigram's a tough thing to pull off! Thanks for your interest.
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joehoyle May. 05 '09

hi there,**I like the identity, enough to click on it out of a whole page of others (then again I also have a taste for ambigrams) When it was small I read %22Chip%22 and then thought there must be another letter as the space was bigger so thought it must be an %22r%22. **I see it is an handwritten %22r%22, but the fact that it doesn't have a line curling to the right kind of makes it tricky to pick out as an %22r%22, but that could just be me being crap at reading handwriting!

chirp May. 05 '09

Hey Joe,**Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate your comments. I have a small concern that people will read %22chip%22, and no knock against Ponch or John, they're fine California Highway Patrolmen, I just happened to name my business %22chirp%22 and I'd like my logo to reflect that!**I tried to strike a balance between legibility of the %22r%22 and being mindful of both the i-r ligature as well as making sure the r functions as the %22h%22 tail in the ambigram. I'm curious if others are having chip/chirp confusion (or CCC in the biz' lingo)...**Thanks again Joe!

seventh May. 05 '09

I read %22chirp%22 as soon as I saw it. Good job.

superdave4eva May. 06 '09

A beautiful ambi if I ever saw one... I'm jealous!

chirp May. 06 '09

Steven %26 Superdave:**I'm thankful for your feedback and encouraging words!

chirp May. 06 '09

Steven %26 Superdave:**I'm thankful for your feedback and encouraging comments!

JohnM Jul. 02 '09

Holy Smokes an ambigram! i love ambigrams! great work chirp! fantastic!

2ccreative Jul. 29 '09

This had to take some serious work! Well done!

pablodt Aug. 19 '09

great!**I liked it before knowing it is an ambigram. great work.

KonradK Sep. 23 '09

beautiful logo! :)

logomotive Sep. 23 '09

what's cool is it fits you, has a purpose and not just a made up ambigram.

bsehenuk Oct. 20 '09

I was able to read the word right away. Great work. I do like your updated version better though. It has more character.

JF Oct. 22 '09

Goodness gracious, this is so very, very nice. Good job on this.


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