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Cezar Bianchi

My name is Cezar Bianchi. I am a senior designer - experienced, driven, and highly passionate about branding. For the past 10 years, I have been working for Brazilian design companies – integrating and employing my education in both communication and branding. At each company, I was heavily involved in the creative process of concept development, as well as campaigning and brand design. In 2011, I moved to Miami, Florida, and immediately began working as an intern for a company called Lemon Yellow. I interned here for three months before being hired by a vitamin company called “Chosen Vitamins” as a brand designer. My personal goal was to re-design the entire company’s identity while improving the consumer perception of the brand within the first two years. In order to do so I designed new labels, stationary, website, and collateral materials. I am currently employed here, and continue to work to keep the brand experience aligned with the company concepts. I currently reside in Chicago, Illinois, where I am enrolled in a boot camp revolving directly around digital design – both UX and UI. I am also currently working on an ample amount of freelance work for numerous clients, combining my branding experience with a unique, user-friendly approach to marketing through research and design.


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