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Caroline Mitic

I am an award-winning graphic designer, a photographer, artist, and writer. I am lucky to be able to combine my passion with my career. I have been cursed with a constant desire to improve the appearance of things. This gets problematic when I’m walking down the street minding my own business, and I spot something that has been poorly designed. Since I have a hard time keeping my feelings to myself in such instances, I often make a public scene.
Those who have lent an involuntary ear to my rant look upon me with pity and scorn, and they assume I am a crazy artist or perhaps a student of theatre.

In fact, I am a bit of a crazy artist (and I was a student of theatre), but I have honed my skills to suit the ever-changing, cut-throat world of commercial design, without losing my creative enthusiasm. I have a deep-rooted passion for all things beautiful and I find sheer pleasure in creating designs that are physically appealing and emotionally stimulating. I love fashion, architecture, photography, and writing.

And I have spunk, too.


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