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Brandon Wilson

I have always been someone who likes to create things. Whether its designing something on my computer, writing a song on guitar, or brewing my own beer. With me, there is always a strong desire to make something. Those who know me know I get very passionate about my interests. I will always be a student of the world around me, always learning and adapting to the new techniques and trends that I discover.

As a graphic designer, I understand good typography, what a clean layout should be, and most importantly, functionality. A good designer needs to be able to create attractive pieces that not only look great but serve a purpose to the viewer.

I have worked with some extremely talented people in my field and because of this I understand what great teamwork truly is and how everything will come together.

Also, I'm very, very friendly. I love people. I love meeting new and interesting people whenever I can. Please feel free to contact me about anything. Cheers!


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