dog in britain identity

by andrendhiq • Uploaded: Apr. 21 '08 - Gallerized: Apr. '08


Description: Logo proposal for a dog community website. unused. concept: d i b letters combination, people care in dog.

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I like this logo. The the only thing I might change would be how dark the word "in" is. Good job!


Yes I agree wit evoltix about the orange, I like this too!


Very clever use of negative space. I personally wouldn't change 'in' to orange but maybe make it more tinted for contrast. Great job though overall.


Sorry andrendhiq! The dogs look more like meerkats to me! I also think the tails are too fluffy (they look more like cats tails) and the nose of the dogs look a bit off. Also the ears don't look right, IMO. I do like the use of negative space, but I think you've missed the mark with this. Nice font though!


That's a really unfortunate name. All I can see is 'dogging britain'.


OMG - LMAO. Are you actually in the UK ?

Have you not heard about Dogging ?

Google "dogging britain"

it is a good logo, but...


They look more like badgers or raccoons, or a hybrid of both, rather than dogs. I thought wolves howled at the moon, i mean i know some dogs do, but aren't we all more familiar with the silhouette of the wolf and moon? whats the significance of the orange dot? I do like the type and agree i'd make your in stand out with your accent colour.


andre, yeah i didn't see dogs either, more like lemurs or as someone else said meerkats. and maybe it's just the color difference in the words, but i feel claustrophobic when i look at the type. i like the hidden i though.


Nice work I think it balances perfectly - jumped out against the others which is high praise on this site - well done. What is the font by the way ?


As already said: the dogs are NOT looking like dogs...


I really like the way the white space creates a person with his hands on the dogs heads, very nice%u2026 it%u2019s a little unfortunate with the 'doggin britain' reference & the fact that, as already stated, they don%u2019t look too much like dogs%u2026 but a great idea nonetheless.

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

It's a nice concept - but in the small size of the thumbnail I saw two strange looking mice rather than dogs.


He he really thanks for feedback and suugestions.Yes, i realize this logo need more works.Unfortunately this concept rejected early by brand owner so i don't continue any more.Hope i have time to do again.

about "unfortunate name". I don't care about that.:) just ask brand owner by your self.;)~


Andrendhiq - what is the font you have used on this? would really apprec. thanks


Hi freecloud.Sorry i forgot your first question.The font customzed from VAG rounded.


I love it.

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