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Jerry Rietberg

Netherlands / Europe

Hello Everyone!

I am 33 years old and I work as a waiter in a beachclub / restaurant. My hobbies, beside 'designing', are playing tennis and golf, music, cooking and relaxing.

I started designing 3 years ago, when my father needed a businesscard for giving advice / counsel in Real Estate. It was just a stupid photo of two hands shaking and the business name. Simple created on a printing website.
But I was intrigued by it. At that time, I only did some Photoshop (family photo's) and now I'm teaching myself Illustrator. I make, maybe..., 2 logo's a year.

I love designing logo's, but still have much to learn (I'm an amateur). So that's why I created an account on Logopond to learn from the best :)

My avatar should represent my initials the letter j & r

Greetzz Vans!


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