TobiasMik: 'Student Work'


Tobias Mikkelsen

I have been studying basic typography, training visual composition skills and creativity at Den Grafiske Højskole, Denmark. (a 3 year bachelors-degree) I have 5+ years of experience with composing illustrations and creating ideas for illustrations. As well as some experience with programming of web-pages (client and server-side).
Danish Clients (illustrations): TDC (danish tele-company), Forlaget Benjamin (magasien publisher), FOA, Nokia (mobilephonecompany), M1 (danish tele-company)

My experience with logos is limited and the only ones I've made is the ones in my showcase here!

My specialties are:
2D computer graphic programs (Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Painter),
DTP-programs(inDesign, Quark), programming of web-pages (Actionscript, HTML, Javascript, PHP), drawing by hand (watercolor, pencil, ink).


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