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The Laboratory

Laboratory Studios is a design consultancy derived from resourceful ideas and inventive thinking. Laboratory sprouted from the innovative minds of three young freelance designers with an appreciation for art, an obsession with typography and a passion for quality in design.

We were inspired by the best, to do our best. Creativity is an extension of our brains, limited by nothing. We have a minimalist outlook on modern design. In the Laboratory, we feel that less is more. Let the design speak for itself.

Our areas of interest in art direction include: print, web, identity & illustration. If you have a project that falls outside of these areas, don't hesitate to ask us about it. We are always looking for new ways to incorporate good design.

Our approach is based on an organized & strategic workflow. We start by asking questions to get a feel for what what would be the most effective way to take on the project. By engaging with our clients, we are able to get behind the heart of the organization & project that idea in a way that is easily communicated.


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