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Roberto Norelli, born in 1981 in Naples, as a child shows an interest in design,valued by teachers and family. Although not attending the schools of art, his passion grows steadily. Fascinated by writting, technical note expressed in the walls with the use of sprays, discovers a youth movement and a constant constructive debate that helps shape the values of self-expression and the continuous pursuit of style. He met NSN997 founded by Michelangelo 2rama Marra and Francesco Mopo Minopoli, growing together various interests related to creativity. Then he begins his career as a graphic in a typography, finding the offset printing process and the various steps associated with it. In a constant desire to grow, move to Milan in search of a job, just getting something freelance. Decides to return to Naples, accepting a good job at the Adsolut agency, deepening their knowledge of web design and calmly confronting the problems related to this work. Continues his freelance career working with several studies of elite! as 2slides, Factoria, Magma Design. Currently working as a graphic designer senior at Unidad Editorial, Madrid (Spain).


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