Caballero Aguila v3

by Oronoz® • Uploaded: Feb. 23 '10 - Gallerized: Feb. '10


Description: For a University Sport Team...In english "Eagle Knight " was one of the most popular aztec warriors in the Mexican tradition. The client recuest a lot of changes :/ this is not the final version...

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Lets Discuss


Hot! That is all.


I like it...but there are some space between sumbol and CAZADORES...try to embed symbol and logo together.....

symbol 8/10


awesome! :0


amazing work Oronoz!


perfect match with the type! this is great!


man you nailed it with the type!


brilliant! :)


That illustration is amazing.


Nice one!

rudy hurtado

Alan, this is getting better and better my friend, great job as usual.


^Have to disagree with that. Sweet work Alan!


hard* (hehe woops!)


This is great!! Oronoz would like to see it more integrated though.


wooo, I'm scared ) very good


Cool, nice job. I agree that the type and illustration need to be more integrated or if they are going to be separate then the type might need be reduced and then the illustration moved away.

oronoz ®

Tnxs a lot for all the comnts guys, I really apreciate!!
I made the modifications they you guys suggested...looks better now?? :D


Alan, I hate even commenting because your work rocks but have you considered a different angle on neck? so it runs better with type? just the bottom part/angle. The Type and Mark are spot on.


great job, while the illy is fab the type is just magic. ^good suggestion from Mike, I would look at using a tight angle, if you look at the little serif jutting out from the A, that angle would be good, would bring more balance. Top drawer stuff alan.


Amazing illustration with even stronger typo solution!


yummy, nice solution Amigo.


i like it alan.

oronoz ®

Tnxs for the comments guys...
I update the logo with the adjustements that Mike suggested...tnxs a lot for the support Mike, i really appreciate!!


I love everything about this logo.

On a side note, I have to ask. My last name is Cazayoux so what does cazadores mean?

oronoz ®

Tnxs j-CAZ :)
Cazadores in english means hunters!


There we go, awesome!




I absolutely agree with ethereal. But overall great work!


One of my favourite sports logos of all time great work!!!!!!


got back recently from quintana roo, Oronoz, beautiful country. This logo is ace




love the illustration, but I think the relationship with the type suffers a little.. I think if you arched the type and make it start large and get smaller it'd compliment the shape of your character's collar.. just my two cents.. and a side note- I really admire all of your work.

oronoz ®

Tnxs for all the comments guys :D im really glad you like it!!
@Raja...Yeah Quintana Roo its a beautiful place...The beach, the beer, the ladyes hahaha Paradisiac!! Im glad you like my country. I Hope some day I can visit your country mate!! :D
@Danny...I think you right, with that adjustment can look more "sportie" :)
Maybe later with a little more time I make the changes that you recommend :) Tnxs bud!


the hunters, very nice


wow awesome how do you draw so good in illustrator


mrizzle, it's not how you draw so good in illustrator, it's more about pure illustrating skills and being able to use the vector program and use those skills to perfect your work. Alan seems to have it down.


Exactly what I was going to say. Illustrator is just the medium in this case.

oronoz ®

Agreed with you Mike tnxs for your words!!
All begins with the paper and the pencil mrizzle, and a lot of hours of research and sketches!! The program is not the important at the final!! :) If you want to learn to use the software you can find a lot of tutorials in the web, but if you want to learn to illustrate just be patient with your pencil :) believeme your skills will grow up!!

oronoz ®

I second that Glen!! :)


i love graphic design but im a horrible drawer so i will practice i do many tutorials daily but photoshop and illustrator i wont let my inability to draw slow me down from being a graphic designer


i mean both photoshop and illustrator



oronoz ®

Thnx Yuri, means a lot comming from you!!

oronoz ®

I will not deny that looks similar, but I can ensure, that I never seen that logo before.
If you make a seek in google of "caballero aguila" like I did, you can notice that all the images have the same elements...I just did my owne version of this particular historical character :)

tommy brix

WOOOW - great design!!!


Very true Oronoz, the "caballero aguila" is very common in Mexican or Mexican-American art. But, this logo just stands out above all of them, because its memorable, the logo did its job. I love this logo, one of my fav.


Awesome! Can you say me the name of that font? GREAT LOGO!!!

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