The David Project

by OcularInk • Uploaded: Sep. 28 '07 - Gallerized: Sep. '07


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Description: This logo was created for a guy in the music industry named Greg Johnson. The icon is a combination of the letters D & P (negative space), as well as, the letters 'G' and 'J' (positive space).
Status: Client work
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ryantoyota Sep. 28 '07

Very cool. Saw the dp right away. Didn't see the GJ until you pointed it out, and while the J is a bit of a stretch, it still works.

rambal Sep. 28 '07

nice one occularink..%0D*I like it very much..

firebrand Sep. 29 '07

Hey dOc, back with a vengeance!*I see a music note in the centre, with radiating sound waves. Genius.**I like the rough edge because it doesn't compete with the motif. DIN is one of my favourites too. Good work

OcularInk Sep. 29 '07

Hey, thanks everyone. Yea, the 'J' is definitely a stretch. It was pretty much a happy accident. :-) Roy, glad you noticed the music note. Client noticed that as well an d noted that the overall shape of the icon looks like a CD as well. This one was all luck. :-P

Art Machine Sep. 29 '07

Love the color(s), very nice incorporation of *d* and *p*, soundwaves as well as the notes. Strong icon and very good overall apperance. The only thing I think doesn't fit too well into the composition %3B) is the font of *PROJECT*. I think it's because of its height. A little lower font may be does better. Maybe. :)

ahab Sep. 30 '07

VERY NICE! I saw the %22D%22 and %22P%22 right off. It's got a very nice artsy style yet still has a bit of a techy feel...the icon almost looks like a sound board knob. GREAT JOB!

Sordoff Sep. 30 '07

Nothing wrong with this one! I'd say even more%3B all is good on this one! Very stylish.

nido Sep. 30 '07

i dont know much about music so i never spotted the notes... i do like this but if i was to be nit picky.. id say that at first i thought the mark was a 'target' you know?.. like you get from a snipers gun.. %26 'The David Project' was like a cool name like 'The Bourne Ultimatum' .. haha.. maybe climaxdesigns could have it... for when he's had enough of us all %26 decides to take us all down.. one at a time!... 'The David Project'... 'all he wanted was a logo site.. but now.. he's got you in his sight'.. straight to dvd**%26 the other thing was bud.. did you originally upload the mark in white?... i dont like the minty color.. but thats a personal taste.. **one day i was walking... aaahhhh leave it!

logomotive Sep. 30 '07

Kevin, it kind of reminds me of those old %2245%22 adapter thingies that wone would place in the center of record player to convert to larger records. Anyone know what I'm talking about? OLD times :-)

firebrand Sep. 30 '07

@Mike: I remember them ol' boy. %3B) Still got all my 80's vinyls. Now the kids want them cos post punk's back in fashion.

chanpion Sep. 30 '07

Whoa! Can't say I've ever used that colour before Kev but against the chocolate bgrd, bloody perfect mate!%0D*%0D*As for the logo...yeh its alright. %3B-)

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives Sep. 30 '07

Very nice - really like the color...

Thomas Oct. 01 '07

Very nice, I particularly like the coulour scheme!

OcularInk Oct. 01 '07

Holy COW!! Thanks, everyone for all the positive feedback. Lots of hidden secrets in this one, I guess. Client said they could even see a record player. :-) Crazy!

kult house Oct. 01 '07

Every time I see this I see a target. I actually think if you completely used music notation characters for your letters (d %26 p) rather than those simplified letterforms, the logo would hit the nail on the head.

admarcbart Oct. 02 '07

Nice one my friend.

wolv Oct. 03 '07

it's like you're destined to make this logo just for the particular client. that's just amazing!

OcularInk Oct. 04 '07

Thanks, guys!! :-)**@ kult house : Good point, kult. However, I love that the abstractness of the icon has created so much creative thought. That definitely helps in the branding process. Right?

erikatwebologist Oct. 05 '07

I love it. I have to say though I can't really see the D, P, G %26 J.

OcularInk Oct. 07 '07

Thanks, erika!! If you look closely, the concentric circles and the vertical bars create the lowercase d and p. The 'G' and 'J' is a little harder to spot. Especially the 'J'. But it's there. Keep looking. :-)

raja Oct. 11 '07

oooooh this is hot

firebrand Jul. 06 '09

%5EWill we be seeing some of your work, Mr Smart?

logomotive Jul. 06 '09

%5E%5EThat's not even close.

OcularInk Jul. 06 '09

LOL!! Thanks for the support. :-)

imago-designs Jul. 07 '09

Of course, once I work out how to put it on here! (I'm a newbie)%0D*Wasn't meant as a negative comment, everyone gets ideas from somewhere (conciously or not), that's exactly why this sites like this exist%3B so people can come for inspiration. Was seriously wondering if Ocularlnk had seen the pixellogo design and got the concept from there or not. Simple question.

firebrand Jul. 07 '09

%22that's exactly why this sites like this exist%3B so people can come for inspiration%22.**Oh, thanks for pointing that out, I only signed up 2 years ago. Ok not busting your balls it's just that Ocularink clearly wasn't inspired by the pixellogo design and there are subtler ways of making an introduction.**

OcularInk Jul. 07 '09

Glad to know your heart was in the right place, Peter. But it did come across as an accusation. Roy (firebrand) is right. I was not inspired by the pixellogo design. Cheers!

linny Nov. 09 '11

well proportioned


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