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Ronny Johnson

Ronny Johnson was born on august 25, 1971 in Oakland, California. He grew up in Berkeley, California where he attended Shelton’s Kindergarten and Bancroft learning center. There is where he first knew of what an artist was and began to aspire to be one. He attended St. Joseph’s The Worker Elementary School he began drawing and painting seriously around the 3rd grade. He drew and designed everything he wanted to from planes to boats to to cars to people to buildings.

By the seventh grade, his parents enrolled him into the California College of Arts & Crafts to officially start his art education. He drew and designed something everyday of his four years of high school during and after classes to perfect his talent. He began to paint jackets (which he was world known), canvas boards, and airbrushed on canvas, clothing, metal, and wood.

In college, his education at UC Berkeley increased his yearn for art and design and helped him explore all forms of creativity and mediums much further than he cared to before. in 1994, he received Bachelor of Art and Science degrees in both Art and Architecture. During college he started his art and design company Custom Creations (presently, Johnson Art & Design Enterprises).

From college to today he has created hundreds of designs, over one thousand works of art, and has designed a variety of architectural projects ranging from custom homes to airports to hospitals for both small and large firms.


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