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Very well executed cheetah, motion is so ligh. I dont like typo.


Cheetah looks great Joe!


Thanks Jan and Roko! Any suggestions for the type?


*Updated the type.


Like this better.


Is there a reason why there are no cheetah-like markings with this? It's got great movement....


Thanks JF! No cheetah-like marks because I want to keep it as simple as possible :)


Yep, much better type Joe. Floated:)


Joe cool.


Well...in that case, if I didn't have 'chita' or any other letterform implying it's a cheetah....I'd think it's a puma. Or a jaguar. Or, well, you get the point.

If it can't communicate what it's supposed to be without you telling the audience, it has a broken message, in my opinion. I love the movement with this, graphic work is great. But, without the spots, it's just a fast kitty...no offense.


I appreciate your feedback JF. As it stands now I feel the mark is strong and including spots would only complicate a, what is now, simple and dynamic design.


I agree with you joe, imo a mark should not necessarily look excatly like the what the name implies. When paired with a name i think this one works out just fine.


personally I think strategically placed spots would make this mark even cooler.


So, I have to ask, Joe -- please don't take this the wrong way -- is this for an actual client, or is it a design you're prepping for sale somewhere else? If it's the latter, then...why not leave the mark as-is, and change the name to correspond with the visual message? Jaguar, puma, something similar? What do you think of that?


Cheers everyone! Just hoping it finds a home one of these days :)


So, I take it it's the latter?


Haha yeah sorry I didn't answer it directly, the latter :)

rudy hurtado

Portuguese and Spanish Joe, very nice, hope it goes soon.


Haha cheers fellas! Hoping for the best too Rudy :)


love the strokes!...good work mate, keep it up!


Hey Joe, I love here the mark and the good flow, but I think you should change that type, because it doesn't fit the mark well in my opinion, and this could be even better! Keep up the good work man!


Thanks kenny and milou! Will look for a better type match.


Hey Joe. Good flow. A very subtle change to the skull portion can make your 'chita' distinct from its cousins.


Congrats, Joe! What amrit said is the only thing that has bugged me a teeny tiny bit about it. The head area isn't quite cheetah enough, the snout may be a touch too long and might not be "tall" enough, they have such short snouts. Also, the body area between the front shoulders and back legs could be a little bit longer, they have VERY long bodies, longest among all cats I believe. I get a bit more of a Puma feel here. Excellent line work, and overall GREAT feel. Believe me I would struggle with this, it would take me a long time to achieve this so my hats off to you. Hope my criticism is ok, my friend.


Amrit and Sean, thank you both for your comments. Because others have said the type isn't a great match either, I will go back to the drawing board with everything said above and see if I can find a better solution for the type and cheetah. Cheers!


Great mark! Love the line quality! :)


To be nit-picky, some of the line weight seems a tad bit too thick in areas. Most notably, the back area. It's very nice, though, Joe.


Its great work and good color combination and right type of font is been used.


love your mark- not sure the font goes well with it


Appreciate the comments everyone! Will get working on those changes.


Thanks for the heads up Dalius.


So, Joe -- what are you going to do about it? Are you going to remove it? I mean, they're cats, they're actually even in the same position... So without you regarding me as being mean, or re-hashing a discussion you and I just had...I'm really curious to see your reaction to your situation.


That's how cheetah's run. You'd think they would be drawn in a similar stance. The executions seem different enough.


I agree with Ocular! :)


Sorry, OcularInk -- the 'position' comment was in reference to another point in a previous discussion. The position really isn't my main point here.


Thanks Kevin and Jacob for saying that. I agree with both of you. The only similarity is that they are both cheetahs. Besides the obvious, they are completely different in execution. I think Kevin sums it up when he says that's how cheetahs run. I'm not going to make a design that has no flair or movement when dealing with a cheetah. Does that answer your question JF?


To absoludicrous...um...huh?

Joe, without this being a negative in any way, I wanted to point out the use of fundamental shapes and concepts in our designs. As designers [not arrogant jerks or rotten thieves] we use concepts and shapes frequently that other designers do. I happened to bring up this point of view on another thread, and you didn't seem to understand where I was coming from. Now, perhaps you do.

Obviously, cheetahs are going to look similar. Regardless. So do ovals and circles if placed in a circle. See what I'm talking about now?

It's all about fundamental shapes and concepts. The execution is different on yours, just as the execution is different on mine [my situation with another designer]. Both use fundamentals.


Why would he need to remove it? They are NOT similar besides the fact that they are cats running in the same direction. I actually like this one more. Stop trolling.


twick100: If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're someone else who doesn't have the courage to post this under their own name. Such a strange first post to make. And, keep in mind this thread was an old conversation that referred to another situation. Trolling, lol...don't think you know the meaning of that word, or else you wouldn't have used it here. You're stirring up trouble for no good reason, and I think you know that.

Joe, perhaps I should have mentioned in this thread that I really like this design; it's a good one. Nice work.


very cool man XD. well done!


Thank you all.




Thank you Davi.


Nice cat, however i thik tail an rear shape seems a bit like a kangu.


Joe this logo is amazing! I would love to use it for my business. Can we talk about making this happen?

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