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Fanny Dupard

A graduate of the Institute of Higher Studies Arts in Paris in 2007, I joined the interactive agency Nurun Paris. I worked as a Web designer on major accounts such as L'Oreal Paris and Bledina. Two years later, Nurun Montreal recruited me. My four years in major Quebec city were rich in creativity and human experiences. Artistic director, I worked on many projects and graphic worlds.
In 2012, website (equivalent which I had artistic co-director won the Grand Prize in the category Site B2C Boomerang (prestigious competition contest honors best web and interactive initiatives in Quebec sites).
I take creative projects and redesigning corporate websites and e-commerce, promotional mini-sites, mobile applications and Ipad, e-mails, newsletters, Facebook pages and banners in charge. Graphic design and multi-media declination of your visual identity are projects that are close to my heart.


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