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Description: For the past couple of years I have been working with the London-based interactive agency Hanno™. This year we had our biggest challenge to date - designing Hanno's identity with a brand new logo. The brief I received was the story behind Hanno™. The company is named after Hanno the Navigator, the King of Carthage, a famed explorer who commanded a fleet of ships along the unknown African coast. As legend tells it he was the first man to discover gorillas. ** Exploration and discovery ** As an interactive design agency exploration and discovery are key elements in creating a product suited to a clients needs. Navigating the digital world for real design solutions. The team also wanted to make sure that the distributed aspect of the company was prominent in the logo. As the team operates from all over the world and is not restricted by geographical location. After exploring several concepts, we came up with an idea which embodies these elements in a simple yet striking fashion whilst paying homage to the story behind it all. At first glance the logo appears as a crown for the King, but it is also intended to be seen as a boat symbolising the explorer and adventurer. Finally the interconnected dots were inspired by star constellations that ships would navigate by - this element represents the distributed team which is also very much connected.
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deiv Jul. 20 '13

great story and things behind it. the result is what it needs. well done Arnas.

DesignerAG Jul. 20 '13

Thank you, my friend. Much appreciated.

tickey Jul. 21 '13

Great story and truly a wonderful solution.

Hayes Image Jul. 21 '13

This is a really solid solution Arnas. I really like how you've melted down the 3 concepts into 1 cohesive product. Kudos.

gargi Jul. 22 '13

This logo is 100% Copied from Design Crowds Designer Omee's Design.


this contest was held in Oct 31, 2012 and now designer ag is uploaded this design with a small change. (Its not co-incidence its definitely a copy i think)

DesignerAG Jul. 23 '13

Thank you for the good words, guys.

@gargi - Drastic statement!

gargi Jul. 26 '13

Its not a drastic statement your design is only a copy of already existed design, I will request all designers to make copyright issue against you. Be Creative @ DesignerAG

DesignerAG Jul. 26 '13

@ gargi - This logo was most definitely not copied from any other location - I can see some similarities, of course, but it was the result of a lengthly process of iteration and development internally, based around the brief and the brand identity we wanted to communicate in our logo.

While there are some similarities, these are of course the consequence of this being a relatively clean and simple geometric mark, rather than a result of copying another mark.

Atomicvibe Jul. 26 '13

@Arnas, I love this. It's a really excellent, thoughtful, and versatile solution. You definitely hit the mark with this one. Thanks for sharing so much of your thought process.

@palattecorner, Yes, the mark you referenced is close, but not close enough, IMO. Plus, the thought process behind each is very different. I don't think these are close enough to raise any suspicion.

@gargi, You are correct, both of these designs are very similar. Honestly, I think they are way too similar. However, I think that this is a big coincidence, and that this particular shape is one that multiple designers could develop independently, so I wouldn't be so quick to label this one as a copy. Just because Arnas recently uploaded this mark to Logopond, it doesn't mean that the designcrowd one was created first. Further, after a doing a Google search for London Scaffolding Specialist, absolutely no visual references to the designcrowd version show up, which tells me it's not being used. This doesn't mean it's not copyrighted to the original artist, though.

This is a tricky one. While I seriously doubt Arnas copied the designcrowd logo - because his thought process and end result is so sound, whereas the designcrowd logo seems to have little thought behind it - I think the major determining factor here for copyright attribution would be date of completion.

Arnas, have you or your client registered this mark?

designerag Jul. 27 '13

Hey guys

Just to say that I understand why you are commenting in this way - I know there are some people around who copy others' logos. This is something I never do, and never will do. I am certain of the originality of all my logos and do not copy other designs.

@Atomicvibe - thank you for the support - I'm glad you can understand how this situation occurred and how it's often possible for two designers to arrive at the same concept independently, and not realise this until many months after the work has been completed.

While I'm disappointed to hear that another designer has had a similar idea to me, this is simply a coincidence. I worked closely with the guys at Hanno™ to come up with this logo and we worked through a lot of concepts and iterations to reach this point. There are hundreds of discarded sketches and concepts for every single 'logo I produce - this is a natural process of gradual iteration and exploration and I don't check DesignCrowd for ideas to copy. In this situation, there has been no copying (since we did not know of this DesignCrowd logo until last week) and therefore, there would be no case of copyright infringement.

I hope you will understand that there is a limit to how much I can discuss on the legal issues here, as I'm not a lawyer, and Hanno's lawyers have had the logo checked and filed for the trademark without any issues.

The Hanno™ logo is trademarked - they submitted their trademark application earlier this year and it was approved a few months ago.

@all thanks for the very kind words - it's great to hear such nice comments :)

ClimaxDesigns Jul. 27 '13

Very sticky situation and as much as i hate to do it, removed from gallery at the very least as per usual when concepts of this nature arise. Sorry Arnas, I'm not asking you to remove it from the site however.

atomicvibe Jul. 27 '13

@Arnas @David Hey David, are you sure you have to remove it from the Gallery? Sticky situation, yes, but Arnas said that Hanno has registered the logo, whereas the designcrowd version appears to be a submission that was not chosen by the client. Further, I took a screen capture of both Arnas' version as well as the designcrowd version, and superimposed the two in Photoshop; there are some obvious similarities, sure, but there are some distinct differences:

- The height and width of both are different
- Arnas' version uses stroked circles, whereas the designcrowd version used filled circles
- The designcrowd version uses a circle in the middle, whereas Arnas' version does not
- The obvious differences in stroke and fill colors

I just think that Arnas put so much great thought into creating this mark, and the result is very meaningful, whereas the designcrowd version looks like someone just slapped a random icon next to some type and called it a logo. Considering the bulk of great creative & artistic work in Arnas' showcase, I have no reason to believe he would have any need to copy anyone else's work, let alone from a weak crowdsourcing site like designcrowd. It really would be a shame to omit it from the gallery due to such an unfortunate coincidence.

ClimaxDesigns Jul. 28 '13

You make some good arguments Jon, Ive re-added it tentatively, because of the non-use of the other one, but understand that I usually do remove these types of logos from the gallery even if its not supper imposable because of the possibility that some legality could evolve from the prominence of the piece on the home page search engines etc. As long as I dont get a take down request from the initial art on designcrowd (god i hate sites set up like that) I'll leave it in.

milou Jul. 29 '13

@Jon made really good points, I've read it all and I had same thoughts. Also it's really great to read very calm and meaningful conversation in comments, it's not something that happens very often. @Arnas really enjoyed yr process and the outcome, keep it up buddy!


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