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Jason Stanley

My name is Jason Stanley and I am the Managing Director for Coalmarch Productions, based in Raleigh, North Carolina. I have been with Coalmarch for going on 8 years and have been working as a professional designer for 15 years since completing the Communication Arts curriculum at the East Carolina University School of Art in 1997.
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At Coalmarch we think creating a logo, whether it be an original or a rebrand, is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable aspects of graphic design, given the straightforward objectives of logo design and the purity of the process. Other than the normal rules that apply to identity design; balancing positive and negative space, working well at reduced sizes, working well in black and white, etc., we don't have to worry about the aspects of user interface design, multimedia, web design, or even print design. In addition to that, the logo is the heart of any brand, and the importance attached to a strong identity makes it that much more rewarding to create.


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