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Ahad Sheikh

BluRoc Designs was set up in 2011 by Architecture Design student Ahad Sheikh at the age of 16. He and his team strive to provide a valuable service to all new businesses, we aim on getting you that perfect style you've envisaged time and again.

With more than a hundred clients our business is really growing! We'd love to work with you today, with our small but powerful team of designers and photographers that will help me give you all you need when it comes to modern design work.

The Team -

Ahad Sheikh - Founder of BluRoc, Chief designer & Architect.
James Robinson - Chief Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Animator.
Daisy Cox - Head Photographer, Animator & Stop Motion Expert.
Martynas Kasiulevicius - AutoCad Expert / Architect.

I hope we're the ones you choose to work with!


BluRoc Team.


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