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Aldo Zambrano

Hello everyone, my name is Aldo Zambrano. I am a creative director, web developer and creator of user experiences. You could say that I am of the generation that lived intensely connected to the internet.
My career is not too long, but if you've been pleasantly intense. Luckily I've met all kinds of media and I've been involved in work of all kinds, from projects done freehand with pencil and brush, to new and creative visual communication projects. through the development and implementation of online and offline resources.

- Bachelor of Arts, Specialization in Visual Arts.
MHP - Ecuador. 2007.
- Graduated from the School of Arts, Fine Arts & Visual Specialist.
UTM - Ecuador. 2011.
- Technician Graphic Management, Strategic Design & Graphics Mention
Metropolitan Institute of Design. Ecuador. 2011.
- Expert in Internet Technologies.
CB Tech Institute / UNL - Ecuador 2012.
- Expert in Optimization and SEO.
Google Engage. AdWords Certification - 2012.


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