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by saawan • Uploaded: Dec. 20 '08 - Gallerized: Aug. '11


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Description: The logo shows an S and a h mixed together to form a guy holding and waving a green flag. It reminds of a guy waving flag to begin a car race. The race is analogous to competition, ideas etc.
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mavric Dec. 21 '08

nicely done saawan :)*but just a small suggestion about the positioning of the illustration..*would it be better to position it to the right? coz with the word %22SHOTGUN%22 as the car along with your guy on the start line it will read better IMO %3B)**CHEERS bro***

saawan Dec. 22 '08

Thank you very much, mavric! The car race is just an analogy and thus the placement of the guy can be anywhere! I've given several options regarding the placement and the client's happy with this. Thanks for the suggestion %3B)

firebrand Dec. 30 '08

Nice saawan. The implication of a flag pole is clever.

Black ColourBash Dec. 30 '08

Dude this for me is SO COOL!**Just to touch on Mavric's comment, I'd tend to agree. The illustration and the word %22startups%22 are probably too weighty being on the one side. Why don't you rather try putting the word %22startups%22 on the left, I like the illustration where it is, I think it works.**SIMPICITY... Good work Saawan!

epsilon Dec. 30 '08

_Very_ nice. Given the pastels of the mark I wonder if a slightly lighter text work better ..

saawan Dec. 30 '08

@firebrand: I'm glad that you liked it :) Some people wanted me to put a conspicuous pole attaching the flag to his hand but I was against that notion as the wavy nature of the flag and the posture of the guy make the pole obvious. Thank you, Roy!**@Black ColourBash: Thank you very much for your kind words, Viwe! The following was one of the options about placing the text and symbol together:*!!**@epsilon: Thank you, Alex! Will surely look into your suggestion. Btw, love your showcase, mate! Keep up the good work :)

birofunk May. 06 '10

very nice indeed saawan!

saawan May. 06 '10

@Gal: Thanks, Yuri! Love your showcase and your vector detailing! :)*@birofunk: Thanks a lot, Niall!

lumavine Aug. 20 '11

I am not sure if you have updated the composition, but I love the right alignment of this. Really works great with the concept. Maybe it is the color, but it reminded me of the AIM logo. Great work!

andrewrose Aug. 21 '11

It's a lovely logo. But the fact that the mark *needs* an explanation is problematic IMO.

Monoki Aug. 21 '11

This is interesting. My first thought was it looks like upside down Indian flag, man's head being a hint to Ashoka Chakra. If the man was green and the flag was yellow, the man would be holding a flag but at same time would be a part of a flag. Is this association intended? It would be a perfect logo for Indian national sports team or smth. :-D

saawan Aug. 21 '11

@lumavine: The figure of the man and the yellow might have made you think of it as AIM logo. But, I think it is considerably different from it :)*@logo design., @contrast8, @andrewrose: Thank you, guys!*@Monoki: That's quite a different viewpoint :D But, the Indian flag has saffron but not yellow! :P

Monoki Aug. 22 '11

Oops, saffron.. But I'm still interested, are they based in India by any chance? :-D

saawan Aug. 22 '11

@Monoki: It's based in India, indeed :D

LadyGrey Aug. 24 '11

Good sign, pleasant colors*%26 also cool typography!

mosti Aug. 24 '11

I like your designs, I add you in my favorite designer %3B)


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