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Description: claims solicitors
As seen on: icarus
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dado Sep. 17 '07

i love the icon!

Art Machine Sep. 17 '07

Icarus is a character in greek mythology.

chanpion Sep. 18 '07

Looks like they'll bend over backwards to get those claims! Good job dude.

nido Sep. 18 '07

thanks fellas.. heheh.. hey chan, they bent over backwards to have all the design work done.. but i dont think anything ever came of this..

cresk Sep. 18 '07

Very neat mark indeed.

saawan Mar. 14 '08

I love the unrest pose of the winged guy.

tiko1232 Mar. 18 '08

Beautiful icon man :) great job.

koodoz Mar. 18 '08

Nido, I love the mark, but for the life of me, all I can make out is a pair of wings. Am I supposed to be able to see a person or something else?

gthobbs Mar. 18 '08

Agree with Sawaan. This seems to his moment between flying and falling. Wonderfully done.

nido Mar. 19 '08

Thanks guys...**@koodoz: thanks mate, yeah in between the wings is the upper part of the body arched backwards. take it you can make the legs out yeah?

admarcbart Mar. 19 '08

WOW! I forgot about this one. Nice work Nido!

OcularInk Mar. 19 '08

This is nice, nido. Very expressive. However, when I look closely at the part of the body from the waist up, it seems kind of off. Not sure why though. Even so, I'm just being nit-picky cause you are so freaking talented.

geniuslogo Mar. 19 '08

Amazing, very very good icon!

koodoz Mar. 19 '08

@nido: I think I've gone cross-eyed, but I've finally managed to see the figure. Even after you described the arching back and feet, I really struggled to see what I was looking for. I think the main problem for me seeing the figure was that I was expecting the person to be proportionate to the wings as they are massive in comparison. I was also looking at the negative space and couldn't see a thing. This may be an issue that needs to be looked at...

2dispari Mar. 20 '08

It's so dynamic! awesome

fpm Mar. 20 '08

I like the concept, however the negative space between the wing and the figures backside bothers me. it like jumps out almost as if there is hidden shape to be found, but after examining it for a while you realize there's nothing there, then it just sticks out as the predominant focus.

gypseemoth Mar. 20 '08

nido, your mark totally inspired one of mine along the same vein. Cheers*%22link text%22:http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/25624

Loyalekoinu Mar. 20 '08

Very cool! There doesn't seem to be very good continuation because my eye doesn't head into the type unless force. A bit uncentered, but, I really like it!

blackindextip Sep. 25 '08

Great Logo, Great work!

velocitri Sep. 28 '08

When I saw this in a glimpse, the negative space between the right wing and leg looked like another leg and the figure looked like being kicked. I don't mean any disrespect by this comment :) Oh, and I personally prefer if the type was solid. Anyway, I like how the logo emits emotion, I feel Icarus's struggle.

andreiu Nov. 12 '09

don't know how i missed this one

Norbi Aug. 11 '10

Beautiful icon man! great job.


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