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Description: 3D modelling - software, trainings, visualizations. Client really, really (really!;) wanted sth like a pattern of intersecting lines, tubes or a set of smaller elements forming a bigger picture. It seems that he`s very happy with this design:-)
Status: Client work
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AlexWende Aug. 21 '11

Didn't expect this from you since you have orignial works in your folio...

midgar Aug. 22 '11

I%60m not going to deny being inspired by your work. Now I can also see that similarities between our designs turned out to be awkwardly close in some elements. But, believe me, this was not my intention and I haven%60t realised that until now (otherwise, would I post my project on logopond?).**Trying to reconstruct the process, I think I had probably seen your design here, loved some ideas presented in it, and later on sketched something somehow inspired by your %22vanvaro%22 logo (I managed to find this scan: Then, I worked on improving the initial drawing in vector format, all along trying to come up with an idea of a symbol proposal, which was supposed to be a centerpiece of the Bardins brand. It seems to me, that - in the meantime - I must have lost your design out of my sight and my own lettering improvement efforts led me back annoyingly close to your creation. If I had realised that at the moment, I certainly wouldn%60t have left it like that, because it does seem quite inconvenient.**At the same time, please notice that there are some differences between our designs. I hope that you can see by yourself that I am not some copycat living of other peoples%60 ideas. This is a very unfortunate situation and I understand that you may be upset - I am not happy about it, too - but let%60s be reasonable and notice, that elements that do seem pretty close (and still not the same) make up only a part of the whole Bardins design.**If Bardins was some %22for fun%22 project I would probably modify the lettering or just delete it from my portfolio. The thing is, it is in use by my client and therefore the case is not as simple. I don%60t know what else to say - I am sorry Alex and I do feel bad about it, however I don%60t think that plagiarism or theft of your work is the case here (especially as I know that it was not my intention). I would rather have to call it an untintentional borderline inspiration, which, of course, is nothing to be proud of. If I were not involved in this situation, I would probably take your side, but only now I can see how diving into the ocean of online logo galleries can turn back on you and have you on the other side of the copycat!-cross-hair.

AlexWende Aug. 22 '11

Thanks for the response, I think your design work is great and I was a bit confused to see this in your gallery. I've to admit that I've experienced such thing myself with a logodesign in the past and I believe you and I can imagine how you feel now. Fortunately my design wasn't finished back then and I had the chance to take an another direction. It's pretty remarkable how the subconscious define our work from all our impressions.

midgar Aug. 22 '11

Thanks for your understanding, Alex. Right now, I would substitute the word %22remarkable%22 from your last sentence with %22scary%22 or %22creepy%22! When I saw your comment yesterday, I really froze for a moment and pretty much couldn%60t believe it for a while. I had seen your porfolio and especially the %22vanvaro%22 logo so many times (it%60s even one of my favorites!) and whole this time I didn%60t notice anything %22funny%22...**Once again - I am very sorry and hope that this situation did not distrub your peace of mind too much. Also - sorry I didn%60t respond earlier, but, heh, I just wasn%60t aware:-/


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