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Bryan Hughes

My name is Bryan D. Hughes and I'm a creative professional from Phoenix, Arizona. I am an expert in making things look good. I currently hold an Art Director position at a major US financial company and have experience on thousands of varied projects as creative lead or designer. I created Zigbot Media to open my services to interesting projects and further my understanding of visual communication.

My 8 years in the driver's seat of various creative projects have given me a wide skill set covering many facets of visual branding for print and web. This is very exciting stuff for me, and I consider myself lucky that my hobbies and career are one in the same.

I am a fan of science, critical reasoning and believe that even the furthest reaches of our creativity are ruled by purpose. I believe this understanding is the key to the creative process. These are values that I bring to my projects.

I offer highly competitive, expertly executed creative services of all sorts. They vary from corporate print collateral to rock-band promotional materials. I develop them myself, or get help from the incredible talent I've met along the way. I want to help create the next mega-brand. With these resources and goals, I will exceed expectations on every single project. Even if you don't know exactly what you need, lets discuss it. I most likely have a solution for you.


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