Idaho Film Project

by logoholik • Uploaded: Sep. 27 '09 - Gallerized: Sep. '09


Description: Proposed and unused concept Idaho Film Project - a film makers community.

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Like this one. Why did they say they didn't choose it?


should do somethin with potatoes :)


^^ Well stated, Sean.


Simple and multiple.


SUPERIOR!! Great job.


Are they little speech bubbles? Looks really cool. But doesn't really say anything about Idaho.


Thanks for looking guys! Client gave me direction not to focus on Idaho part here, although i covered it in few other proposals (including variation of this one which is using idaho flag colors :). Ultimately, they all miss the mark at the end as it seems. It happens... Cheers.


I got paint palette on initial glance, before I get film reel...

Chad Sanderson

Haven't commented yet, but I really like this. I can easily see how it presents the artistic side of film. Good job!


seems like inspiration from one of my logos...


@rebeldesigner: Strongly disagree.

Speech bubbles and similar palette are what I see. Different industries, different audiences, clearly different processes led to clearly different logos.


I would disagree as well. Both are quite nice usage of the speech bubble. But I could show you 1,000 logos with multiple speech bubbles. Again both are great. Love the concept here.


lol rebeldesigner! can't even compare! takes one heck of a mind to conjure this baby up...


Sorry Guys... I didnt mean to be a pain in the ***, but as designer I can see common inspiration or idea - which surely non of you can omit... I do agree sometimes it happen un-consciously or the maker of this logo might not have even seen my logo, but the basic concept matches & that happens...

All of us (as designer) can see any logo, perceive the idea, modify it as per our own requirement...

Any how, again just my thought...


That's a big stretch, Sajjad. The only similarities are the speech bubbles and colors. But even the speech bubbles are different in shape. While yours are rounded rectangles, Bojan's are circular. The basic concepts aren't the same either. This is like comparing your logo to the joomla logo as was mentioned on Logo of the Day. When comparing two logos, think of them in black and white. That's where you will find the real similarities are lack there of.


speech bubbles are a common way to express communication and opinion, no one owns the right to use speech bubbles in logos. If these two are too similar to get away with then i'm gonna find a new job!


Glad to see you all pointed what i just wanted to point after i read rebeldesigners "accusation"

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