by garybaldi • Uploaded: Feb. 13 '10
Gallerized Feb. '10 5eaa5a12e2bcc25ce56396eb59da6685.png

Description: Music community

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: music nota sound town city note muz

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nitish.b said on Feb. 13 '10

interesting direction

JoePrince said on Feb. 13 '10

Not a fan of the gradient, but like the concept.

azao said on Feb. 13 '10


logoman said on Feb. 13 '10

Good work!

ethereal said on Feb. 13 '10

Really nice.

raja said on Feb. 13 '10


bigoodis said on Feb. 14 '10

Congrets Igor, very nice mark!

slavaincomm said on Feb. 14 '10

Excellent realisation!

Petro said on Feb. 14 '10

Great concept! I think that you mast move a hyphen between "mus" and "town" slightly below and to the left, to make this logo the perfect.

firebrand said on Feb. 14 '10

Very nice. Does it need the far left building?

ethereal said on Feb. 14 '10

^ Great point, Roy, I agree.

OcularInk said on Feb. 14 '10

Yeah, Roy might be right. Either lose it or thicken up the roof line. Great concept.

logomotive said on Feb. 14 '10

What Roy and others said.

brandsimplicity said on Feb. 14 '10

What they said. This rocks, very clever mate!

okiwan said on Feb. 18 '10

love the use of negative space

logoboom said on Feb. 18 '10

Wow. Original to the max.

gjrdesign said on Feb. 27 '10

Nice picture-background relation.

Chad Sanderson said on Feb. 27 '10

^ You mean the white background?

devey said on Mar. 08 '10

Great mark.

carlos iglesias said on Mar. 24 '10

Great solution, but a prefer without the gradient.

ThatGuyDesigns said on Mar. 27 '10

Great logo, love the concept and I prefer with the gradient, adds more dimension, though for printing at a small size I think without a gradient would work better.

myviolin said on Apr. 21 '10

amazing 10

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