The Garden Restaurant

by Adder • Uploaded: Jan. 11 '10
Gallerized Mar. '10 b176ce19c1318ec1fa79aa9f8c2bc96a.png

Description: The Garden Restaurant logo

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: restaurantgardentypographydesignadder

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Creative Squall said on Jan. 11 '10

Nice execution. Love the swashes.

jsae said on Jan. 11 '10

sweet logotype--it flows very well.

mabu said on Jan. 15 '10

So tight.

devey said on Mar. 08 '10

Very nice!

kathariney said on Mar. 08 '10

very pretty, the only thing is that I can't figure out if the first letter is a J, I, L or T .

Mikeymike said on Mar. 29 '10

sweet treatment.

nareshdhondi said on Mar. 29 '10

Cute logo!

JoePrince said on Mar. 29 '10


crislabno said on Mar. 29 '10


freshcl said on Mar. 29 '10

Nice type!

Da insane said on Apr. 01 '10

%u0415%u0432%u0430%u043B%u0430, %u044F%u043A%u043E %u0435 %u0441%u0442%u0430%u043D%u0430%u043B%u043E %u043B%u043E%u0433%u043E%u0442%u043E. %u041F%u0435%u0440%u0444%u0435%u043A%u0442%u043D%u043E %u0441%u0442%u0438%u043B%u0438%u0437%u0438%u0440%u0430%u043D%u043E, %u0448%u0440%u0438%u0444%u0442%u0430 %u0441%u044A%u0449%u043E %u0434%u043E%u0441%u0442%u0430 %u043C%u0438 %u0445%u0430%u0440%u0435%u0441%u0432%u0430 :)

Da insane said on Apr. 01 '10

Evala, yako e stanalo logoto. Perfektno stilizirano, shrifta sushto mnogo mi haresva :)

koma said on Apr. 01 '10

very nice type

Logo Design Monster said on Apr. 02 '10

Beautiful typography. I really like the logo. Will float and add to favorites now.

guylabbe said on Apr. 07 '10

What happened to your type Da insane?

Mikael said on May. 01 '10

Zdrasti :)

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